Heading to Europe for the first time at the age of 33 felt like a dream come true. Crossing the pond four months later felt like a fairy tale. My trip to England and second Europe trip of the year, started with a week of work. Our New Age Artisans team was in Stamford shooting […]

scenic places to vist in england


It’s been a full month since my husband and I were trekking across Italy for our honeymoon. As neither of us had ever been to Europe we weren’t sure what to expect. Luckily, the rumors of “The Best Place in World” rang true.  From famous landmarks to coastal towns, we quickly learned there are truly […]

Italy travel Guide


Ever since moving to Bozeman I’ve become a big believer in winter escapes. In 2019, we had two months that didn’t have snow (July and August for those wondering.) Which means our summers can feel almost non-existent. Luckily, escaping to warmer weather this year was as easy as booking a flight to San Diego! After […]

San Diego Travel Guide


I typically like to write my travel posts a few weeks out. I jot down quick blurb notes while traveling, but for a blog post I sit on it a bit. Not quite sure why. I’m guessing this my way of ‘savoring’ trips and letting the memories sink in. But a recap on our weekend […]

Vine and Dine in Big Sky


It’s a little crazy to think that our big Kauai trip was only a couple of weeks ago. We packed so much into our week in Kauai, we honestly needed about four days to fully recover. (It didn’t help that we flew back on a red eye and were hit with daylight savings all at […]

Kauai Camping Guide


It probably doesn’t surprise you by now that a lot of our travels surrounds food. We might love adventures, but my guy and I think they are best capitalized by a plate of fresh food. So we were quick to map out all of the Kauai restaurants that we knew we had to try. Though […]

Best Spots to Eat in Kauai Hawaii


If I could have any job title it would either be “Cheese Board Designer” or “Airbnb Extraordinaire.”  I fully embraced the idea of Airbnb when it first emerged on the scene and ever since I’m happy to say my lists have tripled and my knowledge of idyllic spaces has grown. So if you are like […]

Big Sky Montana A-frame Airbnb


What originally started out as a blog assignment has successfully turned into a yearly tradition.  If you have been around here long enough you might remember this styled beach dinner and all my cousins agreed last year – we were picking it up as a tradition. This year was much more laid back as I […]

Summer beach picnic


This past weekend we got to check off a big bucket list trip – Glamping!  I remember when this concept first came around because, truthfully, I’m not the best camper out there.  I certainly don’t mind roughing it (I slept on the very hard ground in Honduras for about a week) but if given the […]

Glamping in West Yellowstone Under Canvas


With only a couple hours of being home from Charleston, I pounded out this blog post.  Partly because all of the hidden allies and street corners were fresh in my mind, but mainly because I just  a d o r e d  visiting the fabled Southern City.  Charleston is one of the oldest cities and […]

Charleston South Carolina Travel Guide

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