The holiday season is here! Which means entertaining becomes somewhat of a national pastime and at one point or another you will end up gathering around a table this season. Though what is on your holiday tabletop is something you either look forward to or have absolutely no interest in. Since tabletops are actually a […]

Holiday Entertaining Table Essentials


“What’s one good thing that happened today?” That’s the one question that is asked everyday in our household. And some days it’s ‘There was cookies at work.’ Other days things it’s much more positive and we can’t stop talking about our favorite moment. But I’ve learned it’s not about fixing the days with contrived good […]

Lifestyle photography


I may have just started this series a few months ago, but it’s already a favorite of mine. You can’t solve everything life throws at you, but you can brighten some one’s day by paying for their coffee or holding the door open for them. So that’s what this series is for. No matter where […]

Lifestyle Photography


Throughout all the up’s and down’s that have been going on for the past year, I’ve realized just how important the little things are. I’ve discovered it’s the little things that keep your feet on the ground and your heart strong. The big moments in life seem to be just that – BIG. But as large […]

Lifestyle Photography Bozeman Montana


I’m not going to lie to you… typing 2021 felt really good. While I think we can all agree last year brought tumultuous seasons no one could have ever predicted, I’ve been really careful to just assume that a new year will solve everything. (I mean a new decade certainly didn’t solve anything right?) Rather […]

Pink Dress


Whoa. I’m not even sure where to start this blog post. I mean it’s just been an awfully long time since I even blogged. (I’m actively not looking up my last post at the moment.) I’ve been meaning to do a life update for quite awhile, but this year seems determined to throw as many […]

Engagement photos by Keeley Mckay Photography


I don’t think it needs to be said, but it’s been a weird month. Scratch that – a weird year. Our new reality has left me feeling like I’m constantly on my back foot. Though I have to say our household lucked out fairly well with both of our jobs still in place, meaning our […]

A Guide To a DIY Hydroponic System


I’ve always loved home decor and dreamed of blogging about it more consistently, but always felt limited with our small apartment. I mean how many times can could I showcase the same corners before readers got bored? That being said I think living in a much smaller space has forced me to get more creative […]

Versatile Home Decor


Oh, 2019. Never have I understood the saying ‘the days go by slow and the years go by fast’ thanks to you. Though I think a more correct version would be ‘the days go by slow and the months go by fast.’ At any rate, 2019 seemed to be an absolute blur. This was also […]

New Year's Eve


Plot twist…. it ended! Yes the roughly 100 square foot bathroom remodel that took almost 8 months to complete has finally made it to the finish line. I would love to say that we had to overcome some large unforeseen remodeling issues, but truthfully it came down to me be drastically pickier than my budget. […]

Bathroom Remodel

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