Versatile Home Decor That Doesn’t Compromise Style


Jan 13, 2020

Versatile Home Decor

I’ve always loved home decor and dreamed of blogging about it more consistently, but always felt limited with our small apartment. I mean how many times can could I showcase the same corners before readers got bored?

That being said I think living in a much smaller space has forced me to get more creative and think outside the box. Space can be so limited (and at times oddly so) that I’ve had to look to at home decor as a solution rather than just furnishings. Meaning my home has slowly evolved with versatile home decor that is as useful as it is good looking.

Rattan Chairs

Possibly the most hotly debated item in our home. While my guy can’t stand rattan and prefers more traditional furnishings like leather, it’s hard to debate on how multi-purpose rattan is.

In the summer we will be able to carry the chairs (similar) out to our deck and create more seating than just our sectional allows for. Plus, I love the texture rattan can bring into a room. So whether you love the trendy furniture or not, their multi-purpose abilities are a dream for small spaces.

Velvet Storage Ottoman

With only one drawer to work with my vanity I’ve always prioritized storage ottomans over anything else. It’s the only spot I have to store (more like hide) the overwhelming amount of hair + makeup products I stock up on. And while these versatile home decor pieces haven’t always been very stylish, I’m happy to say I found this retro pink beauty in my local Target aisle.

Herb Garden

I feel as though plants became massively popular to have in homes. And because I seem to have a black thumb, it took a bit for me to come around to the fact that plants are worth the extra effort.

While I most definitely have had to work at getting plants to stay alive, I can also say I love how our house looks with them! And double bonus – the few herbs that are sprinkled in our home are not just fun to look at but quite tasty . (We especially love them in cocktails!)

For those who are like me and struggle having a green thumb, I suggest looking into Modern Sprout. We finally tried them out after several failed attempts at growing cilantro from seed and love their hydroponic system. It’s literally the easiest way to grow herbs!

Versatile Home Decor


For someone who has been an avid reader all of their life, I’m so disappointed I was so late to realize how books can double as home decor! I typically stack books to stagger different decor at different heights and switch around any books that might have less than cute bindings.

I honestly can’t wait to share more corners of our small apartment and how make our small spaces seem mighty.


Ok this might be just be me trying to justify my Gigi Pip collection. But who wouldn’t agree that their hats make for versatile home decor?

There is a ton of inspiration out there for hat walls (simply check out #thehatswehang), but it really doesn’t take much more than a hat and a nail to get started. Though I’d suggest throwing in some artwork and dainty jewelry to make your space feel really cozy.



Versatile Home Decor That Doesn’t Compromise Style


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