My Home Decor Picks for a Cozy Space


Mar 16, 2020

Cozy Home Decor Tips

Maybe it’s the 8 month long Bozeman winters? Or maybe it’s the fact that I love a weekend at home more than anything else? Either way, over the years I’ve definitely learned that cozy home decor is my favorite. And with the way the world seems to be right now I think we could all use a little extra cozy in our homes right about now.

Lots of textures!

Layer different textures by mixing pillows, rugs, blankets, etc. to add more depth to any space. One of my favorite cozy home decor picks is mudcloth pillows. They add so much texture to an otherwise blank slate and with simple patterns I know they’ll stand the test of time. (My favorite place to purchase high-quality mudcloth pillows that don’t break the budget is from Sew and Cloth.)

There is something about the tangibility of different textures. It has you leaning in wanting to stay as long as possible.

Home Decor for a Cozy Space
Home Decor for a Cozy Space
Home Decor for a Cozy Space
Emerald Green Velvet Couch

Add luxurious touches to your space.

Luckily, luxury doesn’t have to mean $$$!

We were able to buy this emerald green velvet couch secondhand, but love the affordable price point it has online. And these faux sheepskins from Costco are perfect to drape across a chair or add to the floor right by your bed. ( I personally like having it at the foot of our guest bed so it feels a little bit more plush for anyone traveling.)

Luxurious touches and fabrics gives you, or your guest, an inviting decadent feeling.

Cozy Home Decor Tips
Mudcloth Pillow

Decorate with everyday items.

My preference is to always add a hat from my ever growing Gigi Pip collection. However, you can use whatever works for your lifestyle!

For instance, one of my sweet photography friend’s always leaves her film camera out. She loves snapping in-the-moment photos and in turn made her space feel all the more inviting.

When you make a space usable it makes it come to life. And suddenly it feels like so much more than home decor.

Home Decor for a Cozy Space

I know the world feels awfully heavy for just about everyone right now, so I hope at the very least this makes you feel a bit more cozy even with all that extra weight.



My Home Decor Picks for a Cozy Space


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