There isn’t anything quite like a good pair of denim. I’m not talking about the pair that you roll your eyes at whenever you have to pull them on. I’m talking about the ones that feel like a pair of sweatpants and would never judge how many Taco Tuesdays you have a week. It’s a […]

MissMe Kick Flare Denim


Oh how times have changed. I swear I used to blindly run out and buy the newest of trends for whatever new season was approaching. Never once thinking about what is already in my closet or how the new pieces would come together. While I’m sure I still have room for improvement, over the last […]

Timeless Transitional Pieces


I may be a summer person, but after eight months of winter I don’t think I look forward to Spring styles like I do any other season. I mean truly there are only so many turtlenecks a girl can wear before she questions her own sanity. Still our Springs in Montana can be so moody. […]

Salchicha Spring Style Staples


If there is one season I’m always willing to splurge in it’s winter. Our winters in Bozeman are notoriously long (think 7+ months) meaning you either have to embrace the cold or prep for it. I choose the latter. That being said sometimes it’s nice to find high quality splurge styles for prices that are […]

Winter Style


It’s so hard to believe that Summer is already halfway through! I’ve been over here thoroughly enjoying throwing on a dress and simple sandals rather than dressing in layer upon layer. But possibly my favorite summer style has been the addition of my Viscata espadrilles. I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of […]

Summer Styles in Viscata Shoes


Every year I like to invest in a couple quality pieces for Summer that will last more than one season.  And every year those pieces typically  have one thing in common – denim. Meaning denim has slowly started over taking my closet one piece at a time.  From the classic denim jacket to a white […]

Denim styles for Summer


My mind and my closet are prepped and ready for the warmer weather.  The only problem is that Bozeman is not.  Our feet of snow was dangerously close to melting off, but we already got some fresh snow just yesterday.  Meaning that I was starting to yo-yo pretty hard with my wardrobe.  In fact it […]

spring wardrobe essentials


I’ve always brushed off closet capsules as being to rigid and a bit unfair (I know most people can’t justify ten dresses – but I certainly can!), so I’ve tried to focus on well loved wardrobe pieces.  If I use it, it stays. No other rule than that. Buuuuut this year I was tempted to […]

10x10 Winter Challenge


Changing up an overstuffed wardrobe can be a bit intimidating.  Especially when you toss out all that extra, only to find much emptier space staring back at you.  And it gets youwondering how on earth you aren’t going to get bored with it or at least stretch it out over the week. Or that’s what […]

Shop Ruche Scarf, Piper and Scoot Dress


If there is anything my well loved wardrobe has taught me it’s just how far a few key pieces can go.  For so long I depended on too many ‘cute’ tops and other random clothing I had collected to make up my wardrobe.  Which of course had me getting bored all too quickly and eventually […]

PPiper and Scoot Overall Dress

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