4 Pieces That Have Made the Biggest Impact on My Wardrobe


Dec 11, 2017

PPiper and Scoot Overall Dress

If there is anything my well loved wardrobe has taught me it’s just how far a few key pieces can go.  For so long I depended on too many ‘cute’ tops and other random clothing I had collected to make up my wardrobe.  Which of course had me getting bored all too quickly and eventually back out on the hunt for more ‘cute’ tops.

The cycle seemed endless until I starting investing in some key staples for my closet.  And these are the pieces that made the biggest impact and stopped the cute shirt cycle once and for all.

High Waisted Jeans

Rather than ten pairs of jeans that looked exactly alike except in color, I did something a little crazy last year.   I switched up my jean wardrobe on it’s head and invested in a good fitting pair of high waisted jeans.  The difference that these made for my closet was astonishing.  It breathed life into old tops I had deemed to old to salvage and I swear they looked better the more times I wore them.

The color at first was a bit light for me, though I’m happy to report they have effortlessly blended into my winter wardrobe.  If you feel yourself in a jean rut, try a new waist line rather than a different hue.

Midi Dress

If there is one thing I cart around from season to season or place to place it’s a midi dress. In fact these have become so much a staple to my closet I even travel in one.  (My travel one is about three season’s old from Loft and borderline ready for retirement.) While maxi’s and mini’s can get cumbersome or flash a bit too much skin, midi’s tend to provide the best of both world’s.  And bonus they look good with essentially every time of shoe out there.

Midi’s can range from something as traditional a collared button down that goes with everything to something unique like this overall dress. Making it almost as versatile as a pair of jeans.

Button Up Shirts

Another piece of clothing that flows effortlessly from season to season and one that was almost excluded from my well loved wardrobe – button down shirts.

I always tend to forget about these guys as they are nothing new and often are more stuffy + unoriginal than I would prefer.  However, I’ve started styling them layered under sweaters or over midi dresses tied at the waist.  During the hotter months I roll the sleeves up with pencil skirts and flats. They are a simple answer to variety without having to spend a fortune.


Needless to say my wardrobe needed a complete overhaul on variety. While I am much happier with much less I was worried I would lose personality.  Let’s be honest I really hope not all of us show up in the the button down tied at our waist! That being said hats are one of the simplest ways to add a twist to a previously worn outfit.

A flat brim fedora seems to make any ensemble look much more polished, whereas a comfy beanie paired with tennis shoes gives that laid back vibe I often crave this time of year.


Whenever someone asks me advice to size down their wardrobe I always say it’s a process.  From finding out what actually works for you (capsule, seasonal, etc.) to the pieces that make up a your smaller space, it takes a bit to get the hang of it.  A well loved wardrobe unfortunately is much more than a snap of your fingers.

What are some items that make up the majority of your outfits?



4 Pieces That Have Made the Biggest Impact on My Wardrobe


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