I’ve shared so many snippets over the months of our old-world inspired bathroom, but there really has never been any type of collective snapshot – until now! From the very beginning, I always knew I wanted our primary bathroom to feel serene. I used our guest bathroom as a project to play, but this bathroom […]

Old-world style bathroom inspiration


I often refer to our plot of land as the ‘ugly-duckling.’ Being the smallest plot in the neighborhood that has numerous utility easements, a building spot that is less than half the total acre it claims to be and plenty of slopes, it’s no wonder it was constantly passed up for the other lots. Though […]

Container Garden


A huge thing we kept repeating while designing and ultimately building our home was – we want our house to feel cozy. And that included our bedroom! So much so, that just about every piece I’ve added to our bedroom has a really beautiful tactile texture that makes you want to sink in and never […]

Modern Western Bedroom Update


Restoring furniture with paint and new stain makes a big impact. But sometimes even just a small change makes a huge difference! One of my favorite ways to upcycle our thrifted furniture is by simply swapping out the furniture legs.  It’s a bit surprising just how much a pair of DIY furniture legs changes things.

DIY Furniture Legs


The weather may not be exactly warm here in Montana, but the winter cold is already on its way out.  Our winters are notoriously long up here so by the beginning of April I’m more than ready for warmer days. We are still a month or two out from consistently wearing sweaters, but that hasn’t […]

Decorative Plants for Spring


Vintage art is definitely having it’s spotlight and I have to say I’m loving it! I’m often asked on Instagram where I get vintage-inspired pieces that are different than the typical retail prints you see in Big Box stores. Luckily, online print shops have really grown and expanded their range to include vintage art.

My Favorite Places for Vintage Art


Leather decor has been making quite the comeback lately. And not in the traditional mountain-home-with-stuffed-mounts-and-chunky-log-decor-everywhere re Montana. Leather decor has been updated to modern touches that add just the right amount of tangible texture. I’ve found myself adding it to spaces to help a room feel more luxurious, yet never out of touch.

Serena and Lily Sconce Dupe


When we first started building our house, where the TV was going to be was a huge debate. With such an open floor plan I didn’t love the idea of seeing a TV from every angle in the room. But #lee (my sweet husband for those new around here!) was adamant that we would want […]

how to mount a Samsung Frame TV above a mantle that makes sense from a design and function perspective


Early on in the building process, I knew I didn’t want carpet in our home. With pets – especially hairy ones – I swear carpeted areas never actually feel clean. It also became apparent early on that real wood floors throughout our house were not in our budget or time frame. Our DIY lists were […]

Waterproof Laminate Flooring


Sometimes ya just need a quick fix. Don’t get me wrong I love a space transforming DIY, but sometimes it’s nice to find a wall tapestry that dresses up a space in less than 5 minutes. Though not all tapestries need to be 8 foot tall to make an impact. You can find small, intricate […]

Anthropologie Wall Tapestry

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