Our Cozy Bedroom Reveal


May 16, 2022

Modern Western Bedroom Update

A huge thing we kept repeating while designing and ultimately building our home was – we want our house to feel cozy. And that included our bedroom! So much so, that just about every piece I’ve added to our bedroom has a really beautiful tactile texture that makes you want to sink in and never leave. Finally after a year of building and a considerable amount of time on Marketplace, our cozy bedroom is almost complete.

Rattan Sconce Lamp
Modern Western Bedroom Update

If I’m being completely honest, our bedroom came together a lot quicker than I had planned. I was being really picky when it came to our bed frame and was surprised to see the exact one I wanted pop-up on Marketplace. I was even more surprised when the seller agreed to come down to my budget. I added some DIY furniture legs and the bed frame quickly became my favorite addition to our cozy bedroom.

I always feel like with western-inspired bedroom decor features heavy wood log homes and even heavier leather furniture. I wanted nothing to feel bulky in our bedroom. So when I stumbled across these Unto Dust prints it felt like it was meant to be! Their whimsical line drawings kept the decor feeling fresh, rather than stuffy and predictable. Small leather touches helped drive home a western feel, while this textural duvet cover kept things inviting.

I actually had this vintage-esque Loloi in our apartment guest room and loved it so much I ordered a much larger one for our own bedroom.

I created a quick Serena and Lily dupe with this sconce and a little black spray paint. I still prefer the original S&L sconce, but ultimately I wanted to allocate that money to a bigger project where it would be more impactful than two simple lights on the wall.

DIY Furniture legs

Cozy Bedroom links

Velvet bed frame (similar)
Leather bench (similar)

Nightstand (similar)
Rattan sconce
*I added matte black spray paint* \\ Serena & Lily Sconce
Loloi rug


Our Cozy Bedroom Reveal


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