Decorative Planters for Spring


Apr 11, 2022

Decorative Plants for Spring

The weather may not be exactly warm here in Montana, but the winter cold is already on its way out.  Our winters are notoriously long up here so by the beginning of April I’m more than ready for warmer days. We are still a month or two out from consistently wearing sweaters, but that hasn’t stopped me from adding spring when and where I can. With the help of a couple decorative planters, both inside and out, I’m able to enjoy Spring long before the weather cooperates.

The Best Indoor Decorative Planters

We are still getting snow days in Bozeman, which means the majority of my Springtime planters are regulated inside our home. But I feel like with the right beautiful planter you almost don’t even need to add plants to them – almost. 

A current favorite and quite frankly Instagram famous planter are these concrete busts. Indoor plants look especially striking in the gray concrete planter, though I’ve also seen floral arrangements placed in them and they look equally good.  I love the mixed material on this ceramic planter combined with my favorite plants. It proves that sometimes a simple planter is best.


Decorative Plants for Spring

High-Quality Outdoor decorative planters

The thing about new homes is that greenery is a little sparse. To help balance out the fact that we still are without a yard and had construction equipment in our front yard only a month ago, I invested in some high-quality planters to add a little greenery where our garden beds are lacking.

The excess water quickly drains out of the drainage holes in traditional terracotta clay pots from a local plant studio in Bozeman. And your favorite plants contrast beautifully with this ceramic planter. This modern planter from Rejuvenation is one of my favorites for mixing in a geometric design among my outdoor plants. Though if you are looking for a simple planter this one from Home Depot is the best combination of budget and style. (Plus, the wide mouth makes it the perfect planter for plants like Boxwood!)



Decorative Planters for Spring


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