My Favorite Places for Vintage Art


Mar 21, 2022

My Favorite Places for Vintage Art

Vintage art is definitely having it’s spotlight and I have to say I’m loving it! I’m often asked on Instagram where I get vintage-inspired pieces that are different than the typical retail prints you see in Big Box stores. Luckily, online print shops have really grown and expanded their range to include vintage art.

Thrift Stores

The easiest place to shop for vintage art is probably at your local thrift shop. It does require some time to discover the right piece, but it also feels that much sweeter when you do. To help find a piece that’s right I typically look for colors that blend in with a room or a frame I know will work even if the art ends up not being quite right.

North and Finch

For those who are on a time crunch and not in the mood for searching, North and Finch is your best bet. Their collection of period pieces is just the right mix of classic and unique. I have the Wesley print in our kitchen as a Fine Art Giclee print and it adds to the old-world style of our new home.

They even have files ready for you Samsung Frame TV!

North and Finch Vintage Art

Juniper Print Shop

Possibly the most substantial-high-quality art print shop that I have come across in a long while. It’s true, that not every print from Juniper Print Shop is vintage-inspired, but I’m always surprised how well all of their prints mix well with period pieces. This floral print from Kristine Brookshire collection has so much beautiful texture and warmth painted into it.

My Favorite Places for Vintage Art

Free Public Vintage Art

Yes, you read that right – FREE! The free downloadable collection of public art is such a great resource for adding art to a home. It does take quite a while to sift through all the images, but luckily there is great artwork in every style.

A few of the free art pieces we have in our home:

My Favorite Places for Vintage Art


My Favorite Places for Vintage Art


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