Well Loved Closet Staples


Apr 7, 2017

Well Loved Closet Staples

With my year of less last year, I feel a bit ahead of the curve (for once) as I have been practicing living for what I truly value for some time now. (Though I know I can always use a refresher and have been loving Chasing Slow!)  My only worry with minimalism becoming so mainstream is that it will become just another trend we eventually set aside and remark it as “Oh 2017…”

SO in the effort of keeping what you truly value more than a simple trend, I created a little style staple list that really helped me clear out my closet last year and stop buying every cute shirt I see out there.

Well loved  jeans

My style has definitely changed over the years.  Long gone are the days of too low waist lines. Instead I’ve started incorporating much more professional (and heck, practical) styles in my denim wardrobe. These high waisted vintage jeans from Madewell totally changed my wardrobe as they go perfectly with just about every style and I hate to brag but the hype around how nice they make your bum looks is quite real.

They also are in these photos on wear number…. 8? An embarrassing thing to admit online maybe, but I love that the first couple of wears of these jeans are more pin-up and by wear three they are perfect for comfy weekending.

Every day A-line skirt

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of a-line skirts as they really do just add endless style possibilities to your closet.  They can be worn in any season if paired with the correct layers, and have become my spring weather favorite.  (That’s a lie – they are my every season favorite.) This faux suede blush was one I’ve been eyeing since February and a price cut finally convinced me to hit that “checkout” button.  If you do grab one as well I would suggest sizing up, as the small is quite  s m a l l.

So while I’ll be rocking it in Cali with minimal layers, Wyoming is still plenty cool and I’ve been pairing it with over sized sweaters for now.


Madewell Vintage Perfect Jeans

Well Loved Closet Staple

Well Loved Closet Staples

Jimani Necklace || Madwell Jeans || Loft Tee (similar)|| Fossil Watch || American Eagle flats (simliar)

Go-to Shoes

This was a bit harder for me to narrow done. And truth me told, I’ve still not found an every day boot to get me through all seasons. But I did find hurache-esque sandals last summer (similar) and as soon as the weather starts to warm up, I’m talking like anything over 40, I bring these out.  The neutral cognac shade pairs well with just about everything and I love the relaxed vibe they bring to daily worn dresses in the summer.

Before these cuties came into my life you could not find me without my Toms and I’ve been considering getting another pair!  The comfort in Toms shoes are just  i n c r e d i b l e  and have you reaching for them day in and day out.

An Overused midi

I think for so long I was so nervous to talk about style and fashion on my blog because my style can get quite repetitive. But I can’t help it. It’s my real life! I don’t have an endless budget for the newest trends, nor the patience anymore to buy it  a l l.

And one of those repeat items is a grey midi from Loft.

From flights to winter excursions and back to weekends at home, my midi (similar) has gotten  s o  m u c h  use over the years, as it has flutter sleeves perfect for layering or for hot weather.  While traveling in a dress can seem a touch weird at first, I promise once you try it and realize you don’t have to wear pants the whole day you’ll never go back to traveling in not a midi dress.

Basic Tees

^^I worked on that title quite some time! 😉 Basic t-shirts that you can come back to again and again. And again.  Whether that’s for the color (mustard addict right here), small details, or comfort, find a T-shirt that will get you through lazy Sunday’s and late night after work happy hours.

My basic T’s have always come from Loft as they are:

  • c r a z y  soft
  • muted colors right up my alley
  • fairly priced

In some ways I feared this post would turn into a “fashion for the boring” post.  But I have to remind myself these are my staples – the pieces that I reach for if not daily, weekly knowing that they will never let me down and can be worn with just about everything in my well loved closet. And I’m even thinking I may turn this well loved closet idea into a series!  What it will all entail I’m not quite sure… but I think this is the one area of fashion I feel like I can contribute too.

How is your closet looking? Well loved or over whelmed??




Well Loved Closet Staples


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