One Word, One Year


Jan 7, 2016

One Year, One Word

I’m sure you have seen this post before. Where someone ditches the whole “Goal’s To Achieve in 365 Days” and sticks to one word.  I’ve kinda always rolled my eyes at them – it seemed like a lot of pressure for one word and seemed like an easy cop out of making an actual to do list. But lately, I’ve loved the idea of a simple resolution.  A resolution that does not need graphs or statistics behind it, but is based on a single idea.

So my little word for 2016? Less.

Handwritten globe

As in less time spent on Instagram, less doubting myself or my future and less time worrying about things I cannot change.

And more time spent outside, more laughing with friends over wine, more girls’ nights, more ice cream bike rides, more time with my family, more travels, and more sunset views.

I’m sure you are thinking soooo wouldn’t your word actually be more? Well, I thought about choosing that because, for one, I’m a pretty positive person and choosing a word that is typically negative, like less, is not really my thing.  But I knew that if I choose more than “more travels” would be turned into more time spent on Pinterest searching jaw dropping destinations, rather than “more travels”.

And two, our world seems to be obsessed with more right now.  More likes, more followers, more shares, more protein, more numbers, more money, etc.  I’m not saying I want to be less happy in 2016, but I seriously doubt that more  in life always leads to being more happy.

Plus, I have more clothes than one girl could ever need. And living with less clothes and more cheese plates is a life I think I rather live.

I’m not sure if it will really pan out or if I’ll be able to resist those 50% off sales, but I think even a little less of them is better than nothing at all.

So, maybe a year spent with less will actually give me more…  We will see [wc_fa icon=”smile-o” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]

xo Kelsey



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