Timeless Transitional Pieces for Any Wardrobe


Sep 27, 2021

Timeless Transitional Pieces

Oh how times have changed. I swear I used to blindly run out and buy the newest of trends for whatever new season was approaching. Never once thinking about what is already in my closet or how the new pieces would come together. While I’m sure I still have room for improvement, over the last few years I’ve watched my purchases turn to classic shapes that are timeless transitional pieces.

Midi skirts

My closet has slowly been taken over by midi skirts. Floral midi skirts to be more exact. They seem to effortlessly slide between seasons. Simply switch out sweaters and boots for tanks and flip flops.

A personal favorite will always be this amber floral skirt I purchased last year at a local boutique in Downtown Bozeman.

Neutral boots

Heeled boots, platform boots – your options are truly are endless anymore. I’m a big sucker for the Dolce Vita Huey boots for everyday and the Able Amber Boots as an option that dresses up quickly.

Timeless Transitional Pieces
Able Amber Boots

Midi cardigans

To be fair a cardigan is probably not a timeless transitional piece for any wardrobe. I’m sure some states can be without a sweater for the majority of the year, but unfortunately in Montana I use cardigan year round. But there is something about how a long-lined one (or more likely called a midi) cardigan can go from outfit to outfit. Bonus if you find a button up one like this one from Able your options seem truly endless.

Denim Jumpsuit

Albeit, I just recently added this Everlane Denim jumpsuit to my wardrobe it’s already become a preferred choice. It layers warmly underneath a cardigan or even a sweater, yet is still light enough for hot afternoons.



Timeless Transitional Pieces for Any Wardrobe


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