A House Update – Move in Date!


Jul 23, 2021

Peach Meets Pine at Home

The most asked question I get anymore is “How is the house going?” And I can hardly blame anyone. Pretty much all my life (and quite frankly Instagram) has been for the past 8 months has been our house. Within a week now we will be prepping to move in meaning the pressure is on and, unfortunately, the to-do list is still long. But I wanted to give a quick update on just exactly what is left to-do!

To-do list

✔️ Tile master bathroom floor
✔️ Trim on windows
✔️ Base trim
✔️ Paint
Tile Showers
Install glass shower doors
✔️ Install upper cabinets
✔️ Stain wood beams
✔️ Wall treatments
✔️ Build decks
✔️ Stain interior doors
✔️ Build Fireplace
Kitchen Backsplash
Tile Fireplace

The one thing I have learned with construction is it’s not just an endless to-do list. But a to-do list that has to be completed in a very specific order. Meaning no matter how much you want to charge ahead on a project, there are four to five other projects that have to be completed before the one you get to.

Steadily we have been able to chip away at our to-do list! If you have been following along on Instagram you definitely got a front row seat to the headache our tile gave us. Luckily, it does look really beautiful. For those wondering it is Hexa Cottage tile in White from WOW Tile. It has an uneven surface and coloring that makes a space feel unfinished in the best of ways.

We felt like we really turned a corner when we started to install our interior doors and upper cabinets! Though our last corner is a major one. Since our main goal right now is to simply move in, we need only one bathroom to be finished. We absolutely wanted to have both bathrooms done before we lived in the house. Unfortunately, when you build your home the schedule just doesn’t always align.

Design details

Possibly the biggest and most exciting change we have seen is our getting our countertops in! We decided to go with dark countertops really early on in the design process and I have to say we don’t regret it at all. We went with micro-brushed Absolute Black granite countertops. The micro-brushed texture gives the countertops a really beautiful, tangible feel and the dark Black color definitely makes me appreciate our kitchen cabinets more. (It’s a long story but let’s just say picking out cabinet colors is definitely not my forte.)

We were able to check off some big to-do’s lately by wrapping up our wall treatments and paint! I have to say that I am really grateful to have such a patient guy and soon to be father-in-law. I wanted our board and batten wainscoting height to be higher than traditional 36″ height and thankfully the guys let me get my way, and raised it to a 56″ height. It took a lot of extra work, but I have to say I think that extra bit of height is really going to make this room standout.

Once the guest bathroom is tiled the board and batten will be painted a dark green. (I toggled back and forth between paint colors and finally landed on Forest Floor from Benjamin Moore.)

Our fireplace was talked about a lot on Instagram. It was so fun to connect with so many people and see what everyone loved based on a collage of examples we had been looking at. A lot of people loved a few, and everyone seemed to hate a very specific one. Can you guess which was which??

We ended up staying simple and creating details that were similar to our trim. We ended up combining a few different styles to create one that is entirely our own.

A Few Recent Purchases

With lighting being installed this week it meant I finally had to start pulling the trigger on the pieces I’ve been eyeing for awhile. Though there always seem to be a few purchases that aren’t entirely necessary that I manage to snag.


Kitchen Rattan Pendant lights || Over-the-sink lights
Main Bathroom Vanity light || Pendant – thrifted!
Guest BathroomVanity light || Semi-flush mount
Bedroom lights (similar)
Loft lights
Closet light


Leatherette counter stools

We plan on finishing the rest of the tiling projects while we are living in our space. Maybe not the most ideal way to move in, but at least we will be in our new home. It’s like they say right? It’s the journey not the destination.



A House Update – Move in Date!


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