Dark Countertop Kitchens that Convinced Us to Put Them in Our Home


Apr 5, 2021

Dark Kitchen counters

If there is one thing in this entire home building and design process that has been an absolute shocker to me, it’s that we choose dark countertops in our kitchen. Well, that and how quickly your budget can disappear. But the dark countertops stick out so much because I’ve always dreamed of having light bright spaces.

However, after some quick research and realization that we really love maraschino cherries and red wine (not together mind you) we decided white countertops were just not for us.  Luckily, moody interiors have never seemed more approachable and it only took a few Pinterest scrolls for us to commit to our dark countertops.

There are A LOT of dark countertop options out there.  From traditional soapstone to quartz and to granite, all of them have their perks and downsides so it’s really on how YOU use your kitchen.

Soapstone ($$$) – a natural stone that requires more maintenance and upkeep than granite and quartz. However, the pay-off is in it’s unmatched natural beauty.

Quartz ($$-$$$) – man made from quartzite. Typically more expensive than granite, however, we noticed local company’s would have specific quartz called ‘stock quartz.’

Granite ($-$$) – natural occurring stone. We ended up going with Absolute Black microbrushed granite countertops. This will give us a matte, soapstone-esque look without the cost.

Here are just a few of the designs that brought me over to the dark side:

Design by Heidi Cailler Design  // Photo by Haris Kenjar

Design by Whittney Parkinson // Photography by Sara Shield Photo

Design by High Street Homes

We ultimately decided to go with Absolute Black Granite counters in a micro brushed texture and Kraftmaid Pebble Grey Cabinets with a Kraftmaid Rustic Alder island.  Since granite is a natural occurring stone we may have to enhance the stone once it’s put in place – sometimes the stone will look more grey than black and we wanted black countertops. Basically sometimes nature doesn’t get it quite right, but there are tools to help it get you what you need!



Dark Countertop Kitchens that Convinced Us to Put Them in Our Home


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