A Few of My Favorite Spring Style Staples


Apr 26, 2021

Salchicha Spring Style Staples

I may be a summer person, but after eight months of winter I don’t think I look forward to Spring styles like I do any other season. I mean truly there are only so many turtlenecks a girl can wear before she questions her own sanity. Still our Springs in Montana can be so moody. Meaning that Spring style staples have to work in a lot of different weather. And yet, somehow feel nothing like any of the sweaters I’ve been wearing for the last 8 months.

Boxy Jackets

I always find myself reaching for boxier jackets when I’m looking for versatility. They can easily fit over a sweater or act like more like a top. The options always seem endless.

Spring Style Staples
Spring Style Staples

This year one of my goals was to start shopping locally for clothes before I look for things online. This jacket was gifted from a favorite local shop Salchicha and has been such a fun Spring style staple addition. (Though I have to admit this light green denim jacket was a close second pick.) The minty green color adds just enough color without clashing with the rest of my closet.

Salchicha has been slowly starting to take over my closet with their commitment to thoughtful, high-quality staples. They have always been committed to providing women and children lines with timeless, sustainable style. And there are even a few home goods I’ve started to covet!

Feminine layers

Yes, I know I was just talking about my love of versatility. But I’m also all about not wearing one. more. turtleneck. I snagged this linen top as quickly as I could because it would give me a break from sweaters but also easily layer for a brisk weather change.

Colored Overalls

I’ve been thinking of purchasing overalls for quite awhile, but really couldn’t commit. UNTIL I spotted these mustard colored ones. It’s a color that always ends up being more of neutral for me than a pop of color.

And yes, they also pair well with a sweater.

Patterned scarves

After months of living in hats, I’m more than ready to start adding a cute scarf to my hair. Though if even a cute scarf cannot distract from my unwashed hair, I’ll simply add the scarf to my purse or bags.

I purchased this scarf from Salchicha last fall, but already have my eyes on another floral one.

Spring Style Staples

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A Few of My Favorite Spring Style Staples


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