5 Things for the Heart – July


Jun 30, 2021

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I may have just started this series a few months ago, but it’s already a favorite of mine. You can’t solve everything life throws at you, but you can brighten some one’s day by paying for their coffee or holding the door open for them. So that’s what this series is for. No matter where you are in life (celebrating or surviving) I hope at the very least this little things make your heart feel a little lighter.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wedding Dress – As someone who is in the wedding industry I’m really not into weddings as much as you would think. But this story caught my eye the other day I couldn’t help but instantly smile.

Elisabeth’s weekly newsletters are just starting up again and I couldn’t suggest them enough. Just the right amount of tough love and confidence boost for anyone.

I truly believe there is nothing quite like the power of clean sheets. It’s a simple thing that never fails in feeling luxurious.

A story that is proof of just how powerful the little things are. Even the silliest of things!

There are a lot of things I love about Bozeman, but having local businesses truly dedicated to the community is a top one. My favorite gym started their own program to help break down barriers around mental health.



5 Things for the Heart – July


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