The Accessories My Wardrobe Would Be Nothing Without


Jan 8, 2018

Shop Ruche Scarf, Piper and Scoot Dress

Changing up an overstuffed wardrobe can be a bit intimidating.  Especially when you toss out all that extra, only to find much emptier space staring back at you.  And it gets youwondering how on earth you aren’t going to get bored with it or at least stretch it out over the week. Or that’s what happened to me at least!

Though slowly (and sometimes seemingly painfully) I learned that mindful style is actually best built on the shoulders of a few good staples along with even better accessories.  It’s true that staples will guide a well loved wardrobe, but I’ve come to learn it’s the accessories that help me from keeping bored and lacking all creativity.

one. Hats.

Hats seem to have a had a comeback!  Of course it helps that super cute companies, like GigiPip, have started making styles for every sort of wardrobe.  In fact I have three spread out over my house.  Their traditional (with a twist) fedora is a winter favorite, as well as the classic boater hat for the hotter summer months.  But even their beanies help transform a dress into an laid back, wear-around-the-house kind of outfit.

The Accessories My Wardrobe Would Be Nothing Without

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two. Wraps

Wraps seem to be one of those pieces of clothing that blurs the line of accessories and clothing.  But for this post I’m referring to it as an accessory.

It’s an item that swings effortlessly from outfit to outfit and pairs just as easily with other accessories to give me even more options. (Making it an all around gold mine for mindful style.)  This gold one from Shopruche is probably one of my most used items and you can find me wearing it as a makeshift robe here.  And as relaxed option over one my favorite dresses above.

three. Scarves

There was a time where I had at least thirty scarfs hanging in my closet.  Meaning that eventually it became so daunting to pull one from the hanger that I stopped touching them entirely.

Enter my purge.

Now with only three scarves left, I have a trio that helps me swing from winter to spring and from formal or casual.  And I’m slowly figured out my perfect variety of knit, leopard print and light pink checker.

four. Neutral colored shoes.

Granted I’ve never been much of a shoe person.  I’ve definitely gone through my phases of too many shoes, but truth be told cleaning out my shoe closet was the easiest thing for me.  I tend to stick to neutral colors ranging in a variety of styles.  Ankle booties to thigh high boots.  They both add such a difference spin to outfits!

That being said I’ve started to notice my shoe closet has gotten a little… stale.

I certainly don’t want to repeat the past with endless options, but I think a nice bright bold shoe might be in my near future.  Because I’m fairly certain a bright bold color can be just as transforming as height.


If you had to get rid of half your closet today and try your own hand at mindful style… what are two accessories you just couldn’t go without? Let me know below!



The Accessories My Wardrobe Would Be Nothing Without


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