10 Denim Styles For Your Summer Wardrobe


Jun 18, 2018

Denim styles for Summer

Every year I like to invest in a couple quality pieces for Summer that will last more than one season.  And every year those pieces typically  have one thing in common – denim. Meaning denim has slowly started over taking my closet one piece at a time.  From the classic denim jacket to a white denim mini, the notorious fabric has quickly manifested into many summer denim styles.

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Denim styles for Summer

My all time favorite denim piece has to be the cute white mini from Express that I bought last year for our trip to Mexico. It was such a good reminder that denim can come in more than a jacket. And an even better reminder of how timeless an entire outfit in denim can feel.

Fast forward to this Summer and I’m finding more and more denim pieces for my wardrobe.

This cute Naked Zebra jumpsuit was sent to me just last week (if you want one for yourself you can use my own coupon code for %50 -KELSEY50SM) and this denim dress should be landing on my door step tomorrow. If you are looking for summer denim styles that go beyond the simple jacket, check out a few of my favorites below.

Summer Bucket List

summer denim styles


Summer Denim Styles

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10 Denim Styles For Your Summer Wardrobe


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