24 Hour Travel Guide to Cabo San Lucas


Jul 4, 2017

Travel Guide to Cabo San Lucas

I was planning on saving my travel guide to Cabo San Lucas for another day, but I find myself already missing the plant covered downtown hotel we stayed in. 

Though I should warn you… I really wasn’t a big fan of Cabo. Which I think is the first place I haven’t just completely gushed about on here. Or will urge you to visit asap. Which is probably a bit unfair. 

This trip found us at an awkward time with only five days in Montana, where we were taking items out of moving boxes and putting them into suitcases. It was weird. So we didn’t really have time to map out the vacation of our dreams and to blame a lack luster vacation on the location alone isn’t totally fair. 

Though a night at a family owned hotel downtown, helped turn into a much dreamier vacation then it first felt like. 

Our first resort we stayed at (which did very little to convince me resorts were the best way to go) felt much too Americanized to me. With few authentic restaurants even near us, I felt as if we had slipped into a simply hotter and more tropical place in the US. For me the beauty of visiting a new country is getting to experience new cultures and ways of life. Hardly the picture poolside mojitos conjures. 

Negative points aside, I seriously enjoyed spending our last night in downtown Cabo. It offered more opportunities for exploring and ducking in to more authentic restaurants. And even let L and I try our hand at Spanish again!

It goes without saying that Casa Bella Boutique hotel was the highlight of our trip. A pink building nestled among restaurants and shops in downtown Cabo. It’s a bit hard to believe such an unassuming front could house such a tropical escape right downtown. But it did!

Plants, palm trees and flowers sprawled everywhere within the hotel, and our own room was shaded by a huge palm tree. While we did have to give up quite a few amenities compared to the resort, the quiet and beauty of the hotel made it all worth it. Plus, L and I have no problem being our own bartender. ðŸ˜‰

Casa Bella Boutique Hotle Cabo San Lucas

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Travel Diary

^^ L napping by the pool 😉

Shop Love Street

Swimsuit Top || Swimsuit Bottoms || Hat

Within minutes of arriving L was napping by the pool while I was running around snapping photos. We mapped out the afternoon to end back by the small pool tool tucked away against a wall of flowers.  Me tanning, him shading. 

After chatting with the hotel owners and them giving us the lay of the land (and assuring us that downtown Cabo is actually quite safe for tourists) we made a jaunt through neighborhoods.  Los Claros is a local restaurant praised for its delicious tacos and we couldn’t agree more! Their carne asada tacos had L ordering seconds to go. We even had fun testing our Spanish skills. And while I have no doubt we slaughtered parts of the language, even our waiter got a few chuckles at our attempts. 

It was actually these super simple couple of hours walking around with our helado de paleta pineapples (pineapple popsicles) that made me see Cabo a bit differently than the party town I judged it to be. 

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel Cabo San Lucas

Places to visit in Cabo San Lucas

^^ True love (L O L)

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel Cabo San Lucas

Places to visit in Cabo San Lucas

The Arch at Cabo San Lucas

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel Cabo San Lucas

A few of my other vacation favorites:

Snorkeling in Chileno Bay – A warmer and more mellow coastline thats perfect for some swimming.

If you are wanting a more beach vacation rather than pool one I would suggest heading to Chileno Bay.  It’s a quick 15 minute drive from Cabo or a walk out from these gorgeous hotels. Our beach was unfortunately closed multiple times during our stay due to the under currents and high tide.

Tequila Anejo at Cabo Wabo – Believe it or not there is tequila that you can actually sip! (Without the burn.)

Sunset cruise to the Arch  – Cabo’s infamous rock structures are absolutely stunning up front and in person on a cruise. A simple $4 glass bottom boat will take you out and up close to the stunning features. 

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel Cabo San Lucas

Gigi Pip Hat

Casa Bella Boutique Hotel Cabo San Lucas

The Arch at Cabo San Lucas

I hope you enjoyed this quick one day travel guide to Cabo San Lucas!  I really don’t think we will be headed back to Cabo anytime soon. We have our eyes on the more relaxing spots of the country like San Jose Del Cabo and Loreto, Mexico. (Loreto supposedly has rock structures surrounded by waist deep water –  s o  d r e a m y!) But for those already headed to the tropical city, at the very least you have to go and visit Casa Bella.  I promise you won’t regret it!

So what about you – do you love resorts? And where is your favorite place to visit in Mexico?

Travel Guide to Cabo



24 Hour Travel Guide to Cabo San Lucas


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