Podcasts to Push You Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Jun 8, 2018

Podcasts to Push You Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Not to too long ago I asked for podcasts you swear by if you ever need a push out of your comfort zone.  And you guys did not disappoint.  In fact, even two weeks after the call on Instagram ya’ll are still pouring in the suggestions with podcasts to push you outside of your comfort zone.

With so many road trips on my calendar, I downloaded as many podcasts as I could and settled in.  Excited to see if I could expand my comfort zone even further.

Brené Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

Brené Brown is name I’ve heard quite a few times.  And I’m so annoyed it’s taking me so long to finally give her a listen!

The title alone of this podcast had me almost eye rolling as it was clearly going to be *another* person telling me how *easy* it is to step outside of your comfort zone – *I simply needed to believe in myself*.  Rather, Brené gives an elegant and downright funny speech on how freaking hard it is to be vulnerable.  A quality that doesn’t come by her easily. (Anyone else thinking “Yay!! I’m not alone??”)

This is a inspiring podcast to listen to when you are in the mood for an honest, but relatable chat about taking that leap.


Mel Robbins – 5 Second Rule

This actually isn’t the first time I had heard of Mel Robbin’s almost-like-magic brain hack, but it is the first time I was listening that it clicked for me.

I was listening to Mel Robbins chat about how living life on autopilot and how it can take control of our life in the worst of ways, that this finally made sense.  I’m a natural routine lover.  Gym, friends, dinner, date night and work.  I love planning ahead and going through a weekly checklist.  So, needless to say, the intro to this podcast smacked me right in the face – in the best way possible.

Having trouble getting out of a routine? Listen now.  And If you are really crazy you’ll probably end up buying her book after it. (LIKE MEEEE.)

Podcasts to Push You Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Alison is Awesome – Episode #49

This was so hard to narrow down a single episode of her podcast. But I did it! How amazing am I? 😉

My sweet friend Rachel suggested this podcast to me and I now check it daily for new episodes.  While Mel Robbins + Brené Brown are great at getting to the nitty gritty parts of life and facing them with eloquence I’ll dream of, I feel as if Alison is the person I could stumble with and she would be cracking jokes the whole time.  Her podcasts are uplifting and real. Meaning you can be running your own business and learning from her, or just trying to bring in a bit more joy into your life. Either way, her attitude is absolutely infectious.

If you stepped outside of your comfort zone and failed (sigh – the worst) give this a listen.  And I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t instantly boost your mood!

I was so shocked to hear so many of you struggle with getting out of your comfort zone.  I swear from my standpoint, everyone is bravely running through life taking the up’s and the down’s in stride.  So thank you so so much for your suggestions and allowing me to create a post that hopefully other routine-loving-comfort-zone queens can find some strength in.



Podcasts to Push You Outside of Your Comfort Zone


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