An Ode to My Favorite Pairs of Denim


Feb 14, 2022

MissMe Kick Flare Denim

There isn’t anything quite like a good pair of denim. I’m not talking about the pair that you roll your eyes at whenever you have to pull them on. I’m talking about the ones that feel like a pair of sweatpants and would never judge how many Taco Tuesdays you have a week. It’s a shortlist of denim, but these are the pairs I love reaching for weekly, if not daily.

Levi Wedgie Jeans Straight – Arguably the least forgiving pair of denim on this list. If these weren’t so well made and fit like a glove I would probably knock these off my favorites list. But they – with everything! With a quick roll, they work well with winter boots and pair even better with summer crop-tops.

So on the days I’m willing to let go of a bit of comfort, Levi Wedgie jeans are the pair I always turn to. (Bonus they make you look like you have been doing squats when the only commitment you have made is in fact, Taco Tuesday.)

Levi Wedgie Jeans

Miss Me Kick Flares (similar)- At first I wasn’t quite sure if I liked the kick flare trend. The shape seems to be a bit unforgiving for those of us with non-model-like proportions. Though this MissMe demi boot crop denim is buttery soft and when paired with the right sweater it adds just the right amount of curves.

Madewell Wide Leg Crop (similar)- If there is a pair of denim that is the closest to sweatpants it’s these ones! I love the high-waisted fit with the wide leg seam. Madewell has evolved their wide legs away from the culotte silhouette, but these are super similar – down to the unfinished hem and high waist!

My wide-leg Madewell jeans from a blog post way back in 2018



An Ode to My Favorite Pairs of Denim


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