5 Wardrobe Essentials For Transitioning Into Spring


Mar 16, 2018

spring wardrobe essentials

My mind and my closet are prepped and ready for the warmer weather.  The only problem is that Bozeman is not.  Our feet of snow was dangerously close to melting off, but we already got some fresh snow just yesterday.  Meaning that I was starting to yo-yo pretty hard with my wardrobe.  In fact it seems like the perfect time to narrow down my closet to a few spring wardrobe essentials.

Because there is nothing like a fresh 6 inches of snow to make me quickly regret storing my winter boots away.

Longline duster

With the days that can’t decide if they want to be warm or cold, I’ve been sporting my new longline duster from Love Street.  Warm enough to keep me from freezing in the mornings and light enough to be in the chillier days.  I also love the warm orange rust color because it does a great job at pairing with the more delicate florals that start popping up this time of year.  But looks equally as cozy layered over button downs.

spring wardrobe essentials


spring wardrobe essentials

spring wardrobe essentials


I like to think of  jumpsuits as a more cold weather friendly option compared to dresses.  They easily blend with winter approved booties and sweaters, though accessory free they are perfect for the warmer days.  This off the shoulder gingham jumper from Love Street was a no question buy.  It works with a knitted sweater over it and also pairs perfectly with my favorite Madewell scarf.

Double bonus – traveling with jumpsuits makes my suitcase so much lighter! An entire outfit in one piece.

Booties with treads

As of now I’m either ready for a snowpocalypse or a 50+ degree day.  My winter 10×10 easily pointed out that imbalance!

I was pretty sure I was going to have to end up with some sort of extreme heel in order to make boots with a tread look un-mom like, but when I saw these booties at a local Bozeman store I was convinced!

Low heel
Ankle covering

All required for surviving volatile spring weather!

Highwaisted jeans

I just checked and I have mentioned ‘high waisted jeans’ in more than half of the style posts I have written.  Oops! Basically these have become a closet staple me and there isn’t a season I regret adding these to my wardrobe.  I listed a few of my favorite styles below because I know I want to add one more to my wardrobe this year:


spring wardrobe essentials

spring wardrobe essentials

Light colored felt hat

My hat game got a little stale this year.  Bozeman was such a winter wonderland all year that I essentially lived in beanie.  So when Gigi Pip finally restocked one of my favorite stiff brim styles I made sure to snag it in a Spring friendly color.

The felt fabric is certainly not as breathable as my favorite Summer hat from them, but the taupe color goes well with winter vs spring colors.


Ever since pairing down my wardrobe I’ve noticed it’s simple tweaks that have been preparing me for the different seasons.  And finding gaps that may have been evident earlier in the year!

What are some of your spring wardrobe essentials to help you transition out of winter?



5 Wardrobe Essentials For Transitioning Into Spring


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