How To Create Photos that Connect With the Samsung Galaxy S9+


Mar 26, 2018

How To Create Photos That Connect With the Samsung Galaxy S9+

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All of the photos in this blog post, unless they are photos of the actual phone, were shot on the new Samsung Galaxy S9+.  In fact they are RAW images shot on the phone and then edited with my favorite presets.  This smartphone is boasting some  f a n c y   new technology.  Not only is the Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual aperture camera new, but so is the slo mo camera and increased pixels on the edge to edge infinity screen.

I’ve been called a camera snob more than once, so it’s not too surprising that the Samsung Galaxy S9+ Dual Aperture camera easily captured my attention.  In fact, after testing out the new smartphone, I’m so impressed with the quality I wanted to share some tips on how I like to create photos that connect.

Create interesting composition.

Photography is, of course, impossible without lighting, but I think it’s composition that makes the photo eye catching and memorable.  Composition is the way for the viewer to quickly understand the message behind a photo and can go beyond much more than the standard 2/3 rule.

The photos below both give you a ‘little person, big world” view, but the simple addition of depth with the building give entirely different feels.  The flat wall helps the subject (me!) standout a bit more, but lacks the depth and character of the second photo.  Both are fine,  but depending on what message you want to convey is the one you would prefer.

One of my favorite photography compositions is a vanishing point.  It’s simple, but effective.

And while the point below does not truly vanish, eyes are immediately drawn to the focus of the photo, inviting you into the secret garden we discovered while exploring Charleston.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Dual Aperture Camera

Focus on eye-catching lighting.

As someone who is a touch obsessed with photography and the quality of pictures, the Galaxy Samsung S9+ dual aperture camera is by far my favorite feature.

For so long to me lighting, meant overexposed highlights  e v e r y w h e r e in the photo.  But the more I’ve grown and learned the more I’ve realized a specific beam of light can draw even more attention than an entirely overexposed photo.  That means I need a camera that can handle low light situations effectively.

With my Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual aperture set to F1.5 and adjustment of shutter speed (or ISO) I can make sure I have the proper lighting no matter where I am.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Dual Aperture

Adding an intriguing human element.

If there is one thing I love doing it’s adding a human element to a photo.

It helps me create a connection to people that has them seeing themselves in the photo rather than my goofy self.  And whether that element is me kicking my feet on my bed or a hand reaching out for a glass of wine it doesn’t matter.  Even a well placed pair of glasses can make a person connected to a photo that seems otherwise impersonal and flat.

Can you spot the differences?

I’ve been constantly amazed at how slight the differences are between the Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual aperture camera vs. my much more expensive DSLR. From my dark and quirky lofted apartment to broad daylight, the smartphone has been quick to adjust no matter the lighting situation.

I grabbed my Samsung Galaxy S9+ at my local Target the day it was released and have been happily snapping blog worthy photos on it ever since.  Even though the phone may not look much different than it’s predecessors, it’s packed with additions.  In fact, my one and only complaint is a slightly shorter battery life. However, the beautiful edge to edge screen and waterproofing make up for it times 1o!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Dual Aperture camera

Creating photos that connect has become such a passion of mine.  And it’s nice to find a convenient way to always be creating with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual aperture camera has truly been a photo game changer.

And if you have been interested in a new phone, Target is currently offering a $150 promotional card with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+.


How To Create Photos that Connect With the Samsung Galaxy S9+


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