5 Things for the Heart | October


Oct 11, 2021

Lifestyle photography

“What’s one good thing that happened today?”

That’s the one question that is asked everyday in our household. And some days it’s ‘There was cookies at work.’ Other days things it’s much more positive and we can’t stop talking about our favorite moment. But I’ve learned it’s not about fixing the days with contrived good memories, but more learning to look for the little things. The things that make us smile even when the world feels heavy. Keep reading if you are looking to add a little good to your day.

This photographer documented over twenty years of “Leaving and waving” every time she left her parent’s house. It’s such a beautiful reminder of how time rolls on and how even the simplest of things can become so meaningful.

A new favorite account of mine takes big things, and makes them simple and sweet.

Another thing that happens in our household is an atypical scale is used to describe the amount of cheese one needs. For instance: Do you want me to add a normal amount of cheese or a ‘Kelsey’ amount of cheese? Feel free to read this sign if you are unsure of how I view cheese.

That social media outage last Monday… so good for the heart and honestly my brain. Anyone else?

A booklet filled with easy + relatable writing prompts that encourage ‘you to realize just how f***** awesome you are.’ Definitely don’t read if you don’t appreciate tough love or a few well-placed swear words.



5 Things for the Heart | October


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