4 Things for Your Holiday Tabletop


Nov 29, 2021

Holiday Entertaining Table Essentials

The holiday season is here! Which means entertaining becomes somewhat of a national pastime and at one point or another you will end up gathering around a table this season. Though what is on your holiday tabletop is something you either look forward to or have absolutely no interest in. Since tabletops are actually a huge part of my life (I’m a Marketing Manager at local wedding rental company) I’ve learned that there are some table trimmings that can actually be relevant for any holiday tabletop. A glassware or linen obsession is not required!

Something interactive.

Ok yes, pairing and coordinating linens are fun for me. However, I don’t think the majority of people care. A quick and easy way to entertain anyone who sits at your table (no matter their opinion on linens) is with these wish papers from a local Montana stationery shop – Paper and Grace. They are made to be used indoors and make for a great party trick that marvels kids and adults alike!

Signature cocktails/mocktails.

Not to be confused with difficult cocktails. A signature cocktail can be a fun addition that nods to the season or evokes memories for your guests! The trick is – keep it simple.

The best way to provide handmade and fresh cocktails quickly is either with pre-made recipes or infused simple syrup. This pre-made recipe was a hit at our Thanksgiving and the sky is truly the limit with infused simple syrup. (Here is a great place to start for infused simple syrups.)

Holiday Entertaining Table Essentials
Holiday Entertaining Table Essentials

A film camera.

A tip I’ve learned not from my 9 to 5, but from my extremely talented film photographer friends! There are few brunches and outings that don’t have a film camera in tow in our group. And while for my friends it’s sometimes practice for work, it’s also a great way to capture memories without the constant distraction of sharing on social media. The best of both worlds really!

If you truly have no interest in capturing your evening, give a disposable film camera to little ones at your gathering and let them capture it. This way the kids feel involved and takes all the pressure off you.

A comforting scent.

Arguably a candle doesn’t have to be physically on your holiday tabletop. Though a comforting scent throughout your home goes a long way in welcoming guests. This candle smells so good you could skip the Christmas tree entirely and I don’t think anyone would notice.

Love the look of a beautiful holiday table, but have no interest in gathering all the supplies? The Wild Tables is a locally owned Montana company that does all the hard work for you by curating all the special touches for you in thoughtful collections.



4 Things for Your Holiday Tabletop


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