The Never Ending Bathroom Remodel


Oct 28, 2019

Bathroom Remodel

Plot twist…. it ended! Yes the roughly 100 square foot bathroom remodel that took almost 8 months to complete has finally made it to the finish line. I would love to say that we had to overcome some large unforeseen remodeling issues, but truthfully it came down to me be drastically pickier than my budget. Which meant that I could either open up my budget, lower my expectations or take my time finding the perfect-to-me finishes.

Guess which I choose?

Yep. I waited patiently for about 2 months to finally track down some mirrors I liked that didn’t cost half of our rent.

While I’m really glad that we ended up sticking to our guns on the budget (there was a brief 4 hour period where we wondered if $500 for 2 mirrors is what everyone is doing in 2019) I do wish that not every twist and turn had me winding back up at square one. So I figured I would share a few of the things I learned along the way.

Make a plan… with options.

I essentially designed the bathroom remodel around these antique gold faucets and while they are perfect + extremely budget friendly, there was a brief week where they leaked heavily. And the next option for a vessel faucet was $300. Yikes.

Lesson learned to not put all your eggs in one design basket.

Bathroom Remodel with Costco Vanity

After contacting the company abut the leaking faucets, they sent new ones within the week and I’m happy to report they are a m a z i n g. Highly recommend them.

You’ll either spend time or money.

Truthfully, we could have finished this in a few months if we would have doubled our budget. But much like DIY projects, what you save in money you give up in time spent on the project.

For some I think a seven month timeline would have been unbearable, but I’m a pretty patient person and had no problem waiting for Target to bring out new mirrors.

Splurge on what gets the most use.

Maybe not the most exciting advice as it’s always more fun to splurge on unique design elements, but making sure our vanity was high quality was our number one goal. (And honestly how many people get really up close to see the quality of your vanity lighting?) We live in a rented apartment and using an antique cabinet for a vanity without a quartz or marble top was a no go.

Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Remodel Target Mirrors

After researching all of our options we were pleasantly surprised to find that Costco (of all places) has high quality vanities that are made with actual wood. And they typically go on sale every 3-4 months!


It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy to finally have this little/big project finished!



The Never Ending Bathroom Remodel


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