Skincare Under $20 That Your Skin Will Love


Nov 3, 2019

Skincare Under $20

I am without a doubt a skincare snob.

I think after having such fussy, temperamental skin I finally gave up on buying skincare at the drugstore and just accepted my self-described snob status. Luckily, drugstore skincare has really stepped up their game and I’ve found a few companies that have skincare under $20 that your skin will actually thank you for.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

A golden oil that smells strongly of olive oil, yet never leaves behind greasy residue and erases even the most stubborn makeup. The DHC oil is so impressive because it erases makeup without any tugging or pulling on your skin (I’m talking about even erasing waterproof mascara) and leaves skin feeling extra soft even harsh winters.

Bottom line: Not only the best oil cleanser I’ve tried under $20, it’s the best oil cleanser I’ve tried.

Versed Hydration Station Booster with Hyaluronic Acid

A completely brand-new-to-me brand!

I’ve been mixing this clear, liquid serum with my favorite day cream to add an extra oomph of moisture during our colder months. Though if you border on dry skin I don’t see this being enough for you. It’s definitely more of a booster than an all out moisturizer.

With oily skin, however, Versed Booster is a great way to add hydration without weight and this does just that. (While being easy to find in Target aisles.)

Bottom line: A pass for those who need heavy moisture, but a gold star for those who have oily skin and just want a little extra punch for winter skincare.

Acure Marula Oil

My Drunk Elephant Marula Oil dupe. I’m a big Drunk Elephant fan, but when I can find a dupe for less than a third of the price I can’t pass it up.

And so far the only difference I can spot between DE marula oil and Acure’s is that Acure’s doesn’t supply the immediate glow-y benefits of DE. I’m guessing this has something to do with DE cold-press extraction, but either way I’ll find my glow elsewhere and save $30.

Bottom line: A product I don’t go a day without. Whether that’s on my skin, hair or hands marula oil is absolute gold.

Bliss Watermelon Mask

I couldn’t be more shocked by this product. I was more than ready to hate this pink, glowy product. It seemed more like a gimmick product made for circulating on Instagram versus an actual skincare. But after one nights use I was hooked.

The Bliss mask uses a derivative of hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, to deliver hydration into deeper layers of your skin. It’s true this product isn’t to solve any of my big skin issues like melasma, but it does leave me with more radiant and hydrated skin after one night.

Bottom line: Buy it now. Unless you don’t like having beautifully soft skin in the mornings.




Skincare Under $20 That Your Skin Will Love


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