Vine & Dine in Big Sky: A Weekend full of Wines


Aug 23, 2019

Vine and Dine in Big Sky

I typically like to write my travel posts a few weeks out. I jot down quick blurb notes while traveling, but for a blog post I sit on it a bit. Not quite sure why. I’m guessing this my way of ‘savoring’ trips and letting the memories sink in. But a recap on our weekend at Vine and Dine in Big Sky couldn’t wait.

In fact I’m still dreaming of our weekend filled with wines and pines! Big Sky Resort invited us up this year for their Vine and Dine event. It’s only a quick forty-five minute drive from Bozeman, but it can feel like a whole different world as Lone Mountain looms over you. Plus, I’m hardly one to pass up on a glass of wine.

I’ve had so many people ask me about the event already (texts from family and messages from a few readers) so I wanted to write this post a little differently. Not a typical day by day recap, but more of a shoulda-coulda-woulda kind of post.

The Musts

Pinot on the Peak

Hands down the event during our weekend at Vine and Dine in Big Sky that we absolutely adored. And the one I gush about to everyone. Even with downright chilly weather (dressed in Summer attire mind you) we still oo’d and awe’d our whole way through the trip up.

You start at the base of Lone Mountain with a lift ride.
Pause for drinks.
Grab a ride over to the tram.
Load into the tram.
Celebrate with drinks.

I’m not sure who wouldn’t love an adventure soaked in really good wine. (Pro tip: be a bit smarter than the majority of us on the trip and dress in a lot warmer layers, as the peak will always be colder than at the base of the mountain.)

Moonlight Music Festival

A music festival with possibly the best views I’ve ever been too! The Moonlight Music festival is only a quick 15 minute drive from Big Sky Resort, though we would have made the journey even if it was twice as long.

We weren’t able to make it the first night of the festival (a five course dinner was calling my name), but ended up loving the second night even though all the bands were unknown to us. Luckily, no one seemed to mind we didn’t know any of the words.

The Memorable

Cocktail Codex Master class

Possibly the class I was most excited about during the Vine and Dine event!

We’ve been creating our own cocktails this summer, but I wanted some expertise knowledge and one-one instruction, and the class instructors from Death & Co certainly had more than enough knowledge to share. Though, what was most memorable about the class was the Pop-up Speak Easy held after the Master’s Dinner.

Death & Co. provided us with a few tokens and a loose description of where the bar would be later on. Fast forward to us stumbling around the Village in Big Sky Resort determined to find expertly made cocktails.

Speakeasy’s are such a big part of Montana history. They were illegal bars that started opening during the Prohibition era in the US and are often in hidden rooms in towns around the state. It was so fun to re-live a bit of history for a night even if it was only for pretend.

Vine & Dine’s Master Dinner

I would love for all of my dinners to come with six wine glasses. But c’est la vie. Or c’est not la vie.

We headed to the Master Dinner on our first night at Big Sky Resort. It’s nestled right above the resort at Everett’s with impossibly scenic views of Lone Mountain and it’s homey lodge feel has you practically sinking into comfy seating.

For the next couple of hours we tried wines from around the world with delicious food prepared by Chef Scott Giambastiani. If you are looking for the ultimate wine and dine event – this is it.

The Missed

Cheese & Wine… One Stinky Good Time

As much as I’ve gushed about cheese on this blog and on practically all forms of my social media I couldn’t believe I missed this one. Especially after talking to another couple that gushed about the event Sunday morning as I headed to brunch at Everett’s.

But sometimes a nap beats out cheese and thank goodness there is always next year.



Vine & Dine in Big Sky: A Weekend full of Wines


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