5 Feel Goods


Aug 4, 2017

Palm Tree

I know it hasn’t been too long since my last ‘Feel Goods’ (I’m thinking maybe just a short week ago I shared good news), but this is a series I want to keep going. And I know I have the tendency to never stick with series.  They always start to feel a bit contrived or stiff after awhile.

But these are the exact opposite.  I love having something so positive too look forward to when I log back on and sharing some of my favorite good news brings me so much joy!

Please tell me you have seen this hilarious teacher giving his students a spelling test this past April’s fool.

There’s something about animals behaving like humans that gives me all the warm and fuzzies.

So humbled by the response to my health habits post.  It’s a bit scary hoping in front of the camera (especially when in your pjs) so thank you for all the support!

My sweet friend Jess started a Kindness Rock Project in Laramie right before I left and I’m so glad to hear it’s becoming more and more popular.

Proof that Zeus and Finnick are worth it.

I completely believe in the importance of staying in touch on world events, but let’s be honest… that’s not what my site is about.  I always want you to feel inspired and hopefully have a smile once you leave here!

So what’s good in your world lately?



5 Feel Goods


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