High Quality Art Prints to Covet for Your Home


Jan 11, 2021

High Quality Art Prints

One of my favorite ways to add character to different corners of our small apartment is by simply adding a few high quality art prints here and there. For so long I always felt as though art for our home would be something I wouldn’t be able to attain (or at least not attain it within some semblance of a budget.). Luckily there are so many talented artists out there and now platforms that help showcase unique artists!

Unto Dust

If you follow me on Instagram (bless you for sticking through my eractic posting schedule right now) you have most likely have heard me mention Unto Dust from time to time. I love all of their minimal outline sketches of Western scenes! So often Western decor can make everything feel so heavy with wood logs along with even heavier wood furniture. Unto Dust high quality art prints add a bit of whimsy with just the right amount of West!

North and Finch

Admittedly, I have yet to purchase anything from North and Finch, but I love that they dedicate the majority of their art to vintage pieces. I’ve even had my eyes on a couple of their prints (currently trying to decide between this one and this one for our new kitchen.)

I always prefer purchasing downloadable files whenever given the option – I figure that way I can always use it as a TV background one day! Just make sure you use a high quality printer when you print the downloadable file.

Kristine Brookshire

I discovered Kristine after far too many hours searching on Pinterest for unique artwork. And to this day her print is one of my all time favorites! Though I think her artwork most likely shines best if you can snag a coveted painting – she just adds such beautiful texture to her work.

You can also find her prints for sale over on Juniper Print Shop – which is where I ended up purchasing my copy.

Local photographers

And last, but certainly not least are your local photographers! So many photographers sell prints that they have acquired over the years and it always feels good to shop local.

I’m really lucky to have so many talented friends that capture such beautiful scenery whether it’s from their travels or right out their back yard! Here are a couple of my favorite galleries I love to peruse:

Troy Meikle – elegant takes on Arizona and beyond.

Keeley Mckay – warm landscapes with a few of my favorite Montana views.

*Some of you might remember I had my own prints for sale, but after struggling with my printer I had to take it down until I can find a replacement.*



High Quality Art Prints to Covet for Your Home


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