A Savory & Sweet Food Tour of Bozeman, MT


Oct 23, 2017

WIld Crumb Bozeman MT Food Tour

Moving to a new city is no joke. I’m someone who thrives on routines and planning out my week ahead, so it definitely threw me for a loop.  And while finding a new gym, new friends and a new routine has been a bit unnerving, there has been very little struggle on finding good food.  In fact the struggle is more what to go to because it’s all  s o  g o o d.

I was lucky enough to be on a project to help UberEats launch and so I got quite the comprehensive food tour of Bozeman right off the bat.  So much so, that my boyfriend, coworkers and the few friends I have here have reached out and asked me if certain restaurants are worth their praise.  It’s the sort of thing that can make a newbie feel very, very cool.


OK I’m not sure if there is anyone who isn’t enthralled with the thought of a waffle and crepe bar.  Including those who are more savory than sweet tooth inspired.  Many of Stuffed waffles are filled with ham, bell peppers and topped with pesto sauce.

For the sweet toothers have no fear – their Georgia waffle (or crepe) is made with fresh peaches and sweet caramel sauce + cinnamon + pecans.  And the ‘Montana’ is a mound of marshmellow + chocolate that I only thought possible near a campfire. If you wanting something a bit less traditional and more fun this stop is a can’t miss.

Stuffed Bozeman, MT


For the more traditional breakfast seekers this is probably the best twist of traditional breakfast food out there.  Truth be told I was a bit distracted by Stuffed just directly across the street to give Jam! a fair shake.  And it wasn’t until my boss planned a meeting here that I actually believed him on how good their food really was.

Breakfast is served all day and lunch is just as good if you are in the mood for a good burger and fries.

Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill

Admittedly Copper is a bit harsh on my budget, but it’s delicious food, wide array of whiskeys and unique underground atmosphere makes it easily worth it.    I’m a sucker for bourbon whiskey flights whereas L sticks to Old Fashions.  But they house over 180+ varieties of whiskey, so I’m excited to get my dad here this weekend as we both are bit whiskey obsessed.

Wild Crumb

I have an addiction. If you watch my Instagram stories I’m sure you have seen multiple snaps of the cinnamon bun mounds I post weekly daily.  My coworkers and I haven’t discovered much that Wild Crumb can’t completely excel on.  But the stand out favorites are cinnamon buns (duh), croissants, baguettes, sourdough bread and turkey sandwiches at lunch.

When my budget starts to get tight towards the end of the month their $1 demi baguettes offer a great way to not go with out.

Treeline Bozeman Montana Coffee Shop

Treeline Bozeman Montana Coffee Shop

Treeline Coffee

My go to when I need a good cup of green tea or am experiencing writer’s block.  My personal favorite spot is the teal couch tucked away  from most of the chatter and their Pomegranate Verde is the varity I always reach for.  Their cafe is located in Northside Bozeman (or NoBo), which is pretty funny considering only a couple years ago the neighborhood was all but a forgotten industrial part of town.  Now it houses Wild Crumb, Treeline, two breweries, a hair salon, the cutest waxing studio and many other businesses.

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

I’m an admitted ice cream-aholic.  And while I exclusively eat mint chocolate chip, Sweet Peaks is the one spot I’ll make the exception for.  It’s not only dangerous because they craft delicious and entirely unique flavors, but it’s less than three blocks from our house.  Making ice cream walks after dinner far too common around here.

But can you blame me when they have flavors like Pumpkin Cookie and Brown Butter Peach?

PS They also have dog ice cream and popsicles that are perfect for your pup!


My food tour of Bozeman could go on forever, but the scary thing is I can already think of  s o  m a n y  spots I missed. Our new home town is just riddled with good eats!  And quite frankly I’m not sure if there is one spot I could pick to take you all to.



A Savory & Sweet Food Tour of Bozeman, MT


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