4 of My Favorite Etsy Stores For Home Decor


Oct 26, 2018

Etsy stores for Home Decor

When we moved into our apartment last Summer I had dreams of finally creating a home section for my blog with all of our most recent upgrades.

Flash forward to a year and a half later and the real world his hit.  Upgrades take time or money.  And unfortunately for us we are shorter on the latter!

Luckily some of our to-do’s are getting check off (our new shed is this close to being done) and I can start to look at fun things like pillow cushions and plant holders again. Meaning I get to revisit my favorite Etsy stores for home decor.

Sew & Cloth

I’ve been shopping with Sew & Cloth for a few years now and always go back to her shop! They have the lowest and biggest selection of mudcloth pillows I can find.

She also has slowly started to add silk pillows cases, as well, as blankets on her own site.

My Modern Fibers

This is a new shop for me and one I recently purchased this unique wooden bead plant hanger from.

Olive Creative Co

I’d be willing to bet you’ve seen these simply perfect door mats floating around the internet and while I have yet to purchase one it’s forever on my wish list.  I even have one earmarked for a future cheeky present.

Etsy Stores for Home Decor
Etsy stores for Home Decor

Urban Rug

A big to-do on our list has been getting our bathroom redone. While I’ve been hunting down vintage vanities and the perfect color of chalk paint, I’ve also been keeping tabs of vintage wool rugs. 

There are a surprising number of Instagram accounts out there for wool rugs, but the shop I check the most often is Urban Rug.  I feel like I could look at their large collection for hours. (Bonus they typically run BIG sales about every quarter.

Etsy Stores for Home Decor




4 of My Favorite Etsy Stores For Home Decor


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