A Few Ways to Make Your Winter Bathes More Luxurious


Feb 8, 2019

Nature Box Beauty Apricot Body Scrub

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From Wyoming to Montana I’m getting pretty good at surviving brutally cold winters. It’s true that the best way is to embrace the cold and make the most of it, but some days there is nothing more I love to do than to forego my heavy sweaters and hide away in a warm bath. I love mixing up my baths and finding good skin nourishing products to help create a little escape.

Add a lot of bubbles

I feel like usually I get on here and write about less is more, but when it comes to bubbles I say more is more. While there are a lot of opinions on which brands give the most bubbles, I simply add the bubble bath soap right beneath the spout while I’m filling the tub.

Simply put – more pressure, more bubbles.

Pamper your skin.

This winter I was able to unbox a few new products and have found that they make a great addition to my bathes. I started adding Nature Box™ 100% Cold Pressed Apricot Oil Body Wash to my bathes to not just make it smell absolutely heavenly, but to also to start nourishing my skin a little more. The Apricot Oil Body Scrub has just the right amount of scrub to it to help work away dead skin.  Both of these products are made without artificial colorants and parabens!


I’ve become such a big fan of oils over time and watched my skin benefit from oils time and time again. Nature Box™ is formulated with 100% cold-pressed oils and the Apricot Body Oil is easily applied after soaking in a tub with its spray top. ​Nature Box™ Apricot Body Oil is made without silicone and artificial colorants and is perfect to get that instant shine and smoothness after a bath. 

Go a little overboard.

Dreamy bath scenes filled with flowers can seem a little bit like a cliche, though I would argue when the high for the week is 17˚ a lot of time it can be a downright necessity. So this winter, treat yo self and certainly don’t apologize for it. 

To find your own collection from Nature Box™,  you can shop for them from the comfort of your own couch on Amazon and make sure to mix them into your own routine. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here in layers and layers of knitted sweaters and oils.



A Few Ways to Make Your Winter Bathes More Luxurious


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