An Ethical Diamond Right in Your Living Room


Feb 21, 2019

Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler

It might sound a bit silly, but it really only took me one viewing of ‘Blood Diamond’ and a few google searches to decide that pearls were going to be this girl’s best friend. So much so, that I always said that down the road I wanted a pearl engagement ring.

I had such a hard time getting those images out of my head. I finally decided if simply not buying diamonds could make a difference in the world, I would try to make whatever little difference I could. So it really wasn’t until Miadonna reached out and showed me that you can get affordable a n d 100% conflict-free diamonds that I started looking at diamond rings. What’s better? You can even try them on in the comfort of your home.

Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler

We certainly aren’t a small town in Bozeman, MT (by Wyoming standards we are quite large) but we do seem to be secluded from a lot of major cities. Meaning that if our local shops don’t have exactly what we are looking for, it’s back to hunting down deals on Amazon or using as many free shipping coupon codes that we can.

So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when any company offers an at-home try-on program.

Though, Miadonna’s ‘Home Try-on’ seems to take the cake.

First off it’s 100% free. YUP FREE.
No weird blogger perks or anything. They simply have a $100 security fee with no obligation to buy any of the samples. And YOU get to pick four ethical diamond designs that you want to try. (Though good luck only picking four!)

Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler
Miadonna Ethical Jewelry
Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler
Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler

Miadonna was even kind enough to send along a couple of their most popular designs for me to try out and show you guys.

Their Katherine Accented ring was quickly my favorite (I never knew pear cut diamonds were so ridiculously flattering) , though the Greta Vintage ring is equally stunning, as I typically love anything vintage. Truthfully, I was so shocked Miadonna had such a variety of rings, as I assumed that such a unique business would have limited options.

So exactly how does Miadonna ensure a 100% ethical diamond that is also affordable?

Miadonna creates their beautiful and unique diamond jewelry with lab-grown diamonds.

By recreating the Earth’s process Miadonna is able to create Type IIa diamonds. For those of you like me who have dodged the diamond industry, Type IIa simply means its the purest type of diamonds containing little or no nitrogen. And these diamonds typically have price tags that only celebrities or the elites can afford.

Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler
Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler
Miadonna Ethical Diamond
Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler

By supporting a company like Miadonna we (yep, you and me) can help take a step in the right direction and eliminate the negative humanitarian effects caused by the diamond industry. In fact, I highly suggest you read their section on conflict diamonds and how one of my favorite movies really did help shine a light on the dark side of the industry… but how it also eventually failed.


My big question now is do I stay on my simple pearls-are-a-girl’s-best-friend motto or opt to invest in an affordable, beautiful, and ethical diamond from Miadonna? Because that pear cut diamond did fit perfectly on my finger… Only time will tell.


An Ethical Diamond Right in Your Living Room


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