We are now four months into building our house and it’s finally starting to feel real enough that I can share a few of our designs! I’d be lying if I told you I only recently started dreaming of the interior design. (I believe I started planning on Day 2.) But the details are getting […]


Our apartment is small. It has more odd corners than normal ones and we always get a chuckle at the drawers in our kitchen. (One of the drawers you actually have to open the oven in order to open the drawer.) But one thing our tiny and funky apartment does have is a lofted deck. […]

Handpainted Outdoor Planters || Outdoor deck || Outdoors Home Decor


It’s so hard to believe that August is already here. I had this post sitting in my drafts for a week and -oops- the first of August went flying by. July was a weird month. Nothing seemed to go quite right. Though conversely I think that means that went horribly wrong either. There were so […]

Montana summers


After sharing a few splurge worthy products that were sent to me, I realized I needed to share ways I save on skincare so I can ultimately do what I always preach – invest in skincare. Everyone’s skincare needs are different, as is everyone’s lifestyle. So, while not every suggestion will work for you I […]

splurge skincare


H o l y c o w. March was one for the books! From Kauai to our remodel and now I’m in Texas for a Bachelorette party, this month was hands down my busiest. And honestly April doesn’t look like it will be slowing down much, so I wanted to get back into writing the […]

Peach parities


It might sound a bit silly, but it really only took me one viewing of ‘Blood Diamond’ and a few google searches to decide that pearls were going to be this girl’s best friend. So much so, that I always said that down the road I wanted a pearl engagement ring. I had such a […]

Miadonna Ethical Diamond Jeweler


For last minute gifts I feel like we are always trying to balance that elusive line of personal and easy.  So much so, that I always forget there’s another option: personal, easy, and meaningful. One of my favorite ways to shop this year was with companies that help empower other communities across the globe.  They […]

Home Decor Gifts That Give Back


It’s officially Fall. Or borderline winter here in Montana. Meaning that I’ve already rotated out my Summer wardrobe favorites (begrudgingly so) and made room for a few cozy Fall styles. The kind of styles that easily wrap up into layers or are cozy all by themselves.  Fall is definitely the season my closet gets the […]

Fall Style Draper James Dress


Like everyone else I’ve been wondering where this Summer went.  I had so many plans of exploring and hiking through Montana to only find myself staring blankly at my calendar when September hit. Luckily, September was chalk full of visitors for us, so while acting tour guides we actually got to check off a few […]

Fall Outfit Radley Backpack


Butte Montana is a bit of a hit or miss. You love it or you hate it.  It’s flaws are easy to pick out.  It’s a century old mining town that is heavily scarred from strip mining.  And it’s a bit rough as many of the buildings in Butte have been abandoned. Meaning that roofs […]

Butte Montana

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