Where to Save, So You can Splurge on Skincare


Jul 10, 2019

splurge skincare

After sharing a few splurge worthy products that were sent to me, I realized I needed to share ways I save on skincare so I can ultimately do what I always preach – invest in skincare.

Everyone’s skincare needs are different, as is everyone’s lifestyle. So, while not every suggestion will work for you I hope it helps you pause and question where you can make small cut backs that ultimately pay off.

Rarely (if ever) spending money on eye cream.

Not to be confused with not using eye cream.

Keeping your delicate eye area moisturized is important to ward off wrinkles. But I’ve yet to be convinced the $80+ tube of eye cream vs. the other overpriced eye creams will actually make me (or anyone) look ten years younger and completely erase all wrinkles.

Instead, I use Birchbox samples and beauty rewards points to skate on by with my eye cream needs. If I’m in a pinch or low on samples I’ll grab this little guy in the Target aisle!

If you have sensitive eyes and can’t switch back and forth between products, I would suggest something that is, at the very least, multi-functional. Or possibly so moisturizing you only need it at night. But otherwise milk those sample size products and points for all their worth.

Squeaking by on cleanser.

While I’m insanely picky about what skincare I’ll use, I tend to be less strict with what cleanser I use. Cleanser is the one product that stays on the skin for the shortest amount of time. As long as the cleanser isn’t filled with harsh scrubs that could cause micro injuries to my skin or with a heavy fragrances, my skin stays happy and healthy.

Try to find your minimum required products.

Or in other words, try to simplify.

I cut out one of my favorite Eminence products for an entire month. I lasted about 32 days and decided it was the wrong product to cut out as my skin had gone back to being far too temperamental. But it did help me realize what I truly needed vs liked having around!

Start by just eliminating one product (serum, moisturizer, mask, etc.) and see if your skin truly needs it.

splurge skincare Sunday Riley
splurge skincare

Rewards, rewards, rewards.

If I’m not able to find the products locally, I look towards bigger companies that have robust reward points to help stretch my dollars farther.

Dermstore has not only my all time favorite Vitamin C serum, but my daily makeup and all the Eminence skincare of my dreams. Making it the number one reward system that I invest in. A few others that might be worth investing in Birchbox, LovelySkin, Ulta.

No matter which reward system you use, make sure it’s one that you can stick with and get the most for your money.

Other lifestyle ways I cut back in order to save for skincare:

  • Rarely get manicure or pedicures
  • Stretch hair color + cut with fewer washes
  • Don’t buy cocktails at restaurants – make them at home
  • Use multipurpose products like coconut oil (who doesn’t use this!)



Where to Save, So You can Splurge on Skincare


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