Last Minute Gifts That Give Back


Dec 20, 2018

Home Decor Gifts That Give Back

For last minute gifts I feel like we are always trying to balance that elusive line of personal and easy.  So much so, that I always forget there’s another option: personal, easy, and meaningful.

One of my favorite ways to shop this year was with companies that help empower other communities across the globe.  They provide beautiful gifts for loved ones and an opportunity to help bring something as simple as employment to other women. 

Trades of Hope Meta Earrings – simple and stunning. The black capiz shell is cut into diamond shapes and accentuated with a gold lining. By buying these you are helping empower a woman from the Phillipines.

Trades of Hope is a company empowering so many women throughout the world and in various countries.  The four women founders have a combined experience of 30 years of non profits and are aiding 

Trades of Hope Earrings
Home Decor Gifts That Give Back

Badala Kuni Coasters – a gift that everyone can enjoy whether they need it for a winter cocktail or warm cup of tea. 

Badala started by employing women throughout Kenya, but now supports women throughout East Africa and Central America.

Jimani Collections Brass Wooden Planter – while all of these wonderful companies have awesome decors sections Jimani’ Collections’ happens to be my favorite. I’ve long been coveting these brass + wood planters for so long and their detailed wooden spoons make for a 

Jimani Collections originally started as a small class for Kenyan women to learn simple jewelry skills. From there it has grown into a business that still holds trainings and a diverse online store with products all made from Kenya.

In the end all it can take to make a difference is being using another website to shop on  and find gifts that give back.



Last Minute Gifts That Give Back


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