A Made in Montana Gift Guide


Dec 3, 2018

Made in Montana Gift Guide

This year I tried to make a habit of shopping local.  I, of course, haven’t given up on the convenience of Amazon or a few other online stores I’m partial to, but I’ve definitely made it a goal to look at local stores first rather than open up a new browser immediately. And luckily we are surrounded by some amazing makers and creators in Montana.

From skincare to home goods and decadent luxuries these made in Montana picks are perfect for any holiday gifting. 

Yellowstone: A Land of Wild and Wonder – I love using this book as a coffee table book and am lucky enough to know the photographer and his wife! Chris takes you through all seasons in the park with his photos and gives you some serious wanderlust, as well.
Places to shop: Heyday, Cactus Blossom

Trim & Tailor – a locally owned clothing store nested in Northside Bozeman. that focuses on timeless silhouettes that can be worn everyday. I toggle back and forth between my stacked triangles and my straight bars from Common Form. (Another Bozeman made jewelry line.)

Made in Montana Gift Guide
Made in Montana Gift Guide

glo Luxury Oils – my love for oils + skincare is pretty well documented on this site, so ever since moving to Bozeman these luxury oils have been on my radar for quite sometime.  The regenerative oil is easily my favorite product that makes my skin baby soft.  (It’s formulated with rose oil meaning it’s heavy in antioxidants to help restore, renew and soothe skin.)

A few other favorites locals gush about:

Hydrosol ||Eye Oil (also an extra moisturizing facial oil || Face polish

Places to shop: RSVP Motel, Heyday, Sacajawea Hotel, Spruce & Honey

Treeline coffee – Treeline coffee started in a garage, moved to a large building in Northside of town and just recently opened up a shop downtown.  It’s so fun watching a local brand flourish and it’s no wonder as the snobbiest of coffee snobs always swear by Treeline’s trademark handcrafted coffee.
Places to shop: Heyday, Heebs, Sola Cafe, The Lark Hotel

Made in Montana Gift guide
Made in Montana Gift Guide

Western Bound Goods – I was lucky enough to be included in a project with Western Bound goods this year and immediately fell for the Pendleton wrapped bags.  The canvas backpacks are so well made and genius for travel, but the Pendleton clutches are equally perfect to tuck inside of any bag or stocking.
Places to buy: Lone Mountain Ranch, Montana Supply

Lulu Pottery – I first discovered Lulu Pottery at my favorite cafe in town – The Farmer’s Daughters.  The pottery has 22K gold accents that splashes across the plates and cups are the perfect modern twist to any cupboard or table.
Places to shop: RSVP Motel

Made in Montana Gift Guide

Inspired Macarons – Decadent color-palette inspired macarons perfect to gift for the holidays.  Each box will come with a photo representing the color palette and colors match to flavor.

Inspired macarons is a brand new business in Bozeman (so new you aren’t quite able to order to for the holidays yet), but follow along to find out once you can start ordering because we are having a hard time controlling ourselves around these little guys.

Creating this guide filled with all of the best picks made in Montana has to be one of my favorite posts ever.  I’m so in awe of all that this state has to offer and will be snuggled up wrapping all these finds this week!



A Made in Montana Gift Guide


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