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Nov 9, 2018

Tech Free Corner Home Decor

If you have been around here for a bit this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard me mention a tech free corner. I actually created one in my old house and have been itching to get a space created in my new home in Montana.

The space takes a little bit to get used to (funny how sitting  still with no distractions can be a challenge) but it slowly grew into a sanctuary rather than a challenge.  And after moving to Bozeman I really started craving another space where I could just be.

I would love to claim the whole idea behind tech free corners, but I actually read about the idea from parents who zone off their children’s rooms as tech free zones. Such a good idea.

And one that I promptly stole and modified for myself.

When we first moved into our lofted apartment I had no idea what to with this awkward little space. It’s way too large be called a nook, but has an awkwardly low ceiling height that adding furniture to it was a no go. (I’m only 5’4″ and I have to stoop to get in and out.)  And for a long time it turned into storage of unwanted odds and ends.

Tech free corner

It was actually my closet remodel that helped me embrace this awkward little space.

Rather then fighting the weird angles, I embraced them. Stopped trying to fit furniture where it wouldn’t and let the comfy nook idea take place. (Just made sure to fill it with big enough pillows.)

I have to warn you that while as dreamy as a quiet little corner can sound, it takes a bit to get used to. I think my first try at a tech free corner lasted maybe 5 minutes.  It wasn’t until my third try that I started to find myself craving tech free time.

Tech Free Corner Home Decor
Tech Free Corner Home Decor
Tech Free Corner Home Decor

Here are a few tips to help you build your own tech free corner:

Find a spot away from TV’s and computers.  I had a corner in my old room and now an alcove.  Any space will do you just need it to be a quiet one.

Cozy is key.  You are going to feel uncomfortable for the first time, so the more appealing the better.  Aka feel free to go overboard in pillow department.

Home deocor

Set a realistic goal.  I figured my first time using the corner would only last 30 minutes… it might have lasted 5.  Start slow and short.

Enjoy it.  Your main goal. I don’t really care what you do in it – read, nap, dream. This might feel like work at first, but it really shouldn’t be.

I know you guys have seen  a  l o t  of this little space lately, but I’ve received so many questions about it I knew I had to share why I even built this space. So hopefully you are not being too annoyed with tiny lights and an overload of pillows. And maybe are a little inspired to a build a tech free corner of your own!



Another Tech Free Corner


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