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Nov 13, 2016

I feel like everyone is starting to look for ways to make sure technology doesn’t completely take over their lives.  After reading a couple blogs and books that encouraged a “tech free area” in your house, I decided that I wanted to implement this much needed trend in my own life.  My year of less is slowly starting to come to a close and it’s ideas like these that I find myself gravitating towards.

Plus, this is possibly the easiest, and cheapest, trend thus far in my life and by far the most rewarding.  It also gave me a reason to be on the hunt for the perfect vintage reading chair.

Choosing my little peaceful reading nook as a my tech free area was pretty simple.  I considered choosing my craft room or guest room as tech free, but to be honest I rarely go into my guest room and my craft room is where I love to blog from, so I knew eventually I would break my tech-free promise.

But hours spent upon napping or reading or simply relaxing in a sweet antiqued reading chair is habit I’ve wanted to start for quite some time.

And just yesterday this little pink chair fell into my lap.

Welllll… kinda. 

My Tech Free Corner

My momma found this chair a bit ago and I passed on it as the pattern seemed almost too grandmotherly for me.  But yesterday I walked by it again at a local flea market and for whatever reason fell in love with the chair.  Pattern and all.

So now this little blush vintage beauty is tucked away in my corner and I tackled a good portion of my newest read on it last night.

I’m so excited to have a little nook that is untouched by recent Facebook posts and unending photo edits. (Ok I lied… I love editing photos, but it is nice to have a space that I can maybe escape for just a bit.) I linked some of my favorite cozy corners additions below and can’t wait to share the rest of the space with you once it’s finished.  I was simply too excited for this addition in order to save it for some big reveal.

But for now I would love to hear if you have your own tech free zones in your house?? Any over achievers with tech free rooms?

xo Kelsey

PS That Anthropologie chair is  s o  f a r  out of my budget, but I mean that velvet pink is just too pretty to not share 🙂



My Tech Free Corner


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