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Nov 4, 2016

Beauty Beyond Borders Subscription Box

Every time I’m about to make the statement “I’m done with subscription boxes” I find another one I fall instantly for.  I recently purchased a jewelry based subscription box that I gushed about on Instagram stories and then Beauty Beyond Borders was dropped into my lap.  So it seemed as if my frustrations of subscription boxes were quite short lived.

Rather I’ve started to know what I want out of them.

No more of the endless amounts of ‘stuff’ that is well curated, yet not necessary.  Instead very specific brands or sample boxes.

The amount of full sized items I have had to toss because they simply weren’t for my skin type is horrifying and with my year of less I hate being wasteful, so sample boxes have been my friend lately. And when Beauty Beyond Borders reached out it was no wonder I feel hard fast.  Not only do they include samples, they send samples of some of the most highly regarded beauty brands out there + others that aren’t easily accessible into the US.  Big time beauty + new products are just my absolute weakness.

With the beauty samples being beyond the borders of the US  there were few brands I immediately recognized (save this WHEN mask – which I’ve tried before and adored), but I was pleasantly surprised how well the products worked for me.

The MoistFull collagen sleeping cream has been something I’ve been reaching for constantly over the last few days, as Laramie’s cold weather is setting in my skin seems to crave a deep moisture.  And Lador’s Acid Shampoo, while at first scared me a bit with it’s name, seems to be treating my hair quite well.

I was even more pleasantly surprised when I scooted over to BBB’s  b r a n d  n e w  store how reasonably priced their products were.

Beauty that doesn’t break my budge  a n d  works… count me in.Beauty Beyond Borders Subscription Box

I know it can be a bit tiring to constantly be told buy this or that, as the list gets quite long after a bit, so I’m so excited to partner with Beauty Beyond Borders for a  G I V E A W A Y  to not one, not two readers, but F I V E  readers.  Five of you lovelies who are kind enough to read my blog + enjoy the excitement of new beauty bits, get your very own Beauty Beyond Borders box dropped off at your door.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you are forever unlucky in the giveaway department (psh, right there with ya) Beauty Beyond Borders wanted to make sure everyone gets a little extra something and if you use the code ‘ABALANCINGPEACH’ at checkout you get a extra sample  in your first box.

Good luck sweet friends!

xo Kelsey


PS I was home sick yesterday and little Finny was being so cuddly, so he got to be in lots of blog photos. Hopefully you don’t mind his cute little black and white spots on repeat!



Beauty Beyond Borders + G I V E A W A Y


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