An Updated Tour of Our Outdoor Deck


May 29, 2020

Handpainted Outdoor Planters || Outdoor deck || Outdoors Home Decor

Our apartment is small. It has more odd corners than normal ones and we always get a chuckle at the drawers in our kitchen. (One of the drawers you actually have to open the oven in order to open the drawer.) But one thing our tiny and funky apartment does have is a lofted deck. An outdoor deck that has unobstructed views of the Bridgers and truthfully I wouldn’t even trade a properly functioning drawer for our view.

The one question I always get about our deck is – where is your sofa from?

We were lucky enough to be gifted our Big Joe sectional for our first summer in Montana and I have to say I couldn’t suggest it enough. It’s not cheap, full disclosure, but it’s our third summer and it doesn’t look as though the couch has aged a day. (And I’m certainly not a perfect owner as I leave it uncovered during the summer.) It has built in drains to help make sure water doesn’t

Plus, if you have enough space you could easily drag into your home and use it year round.

Handpainted Outdoor Planters || Outdoor deck || Outdoors Home Decor

I always make it a goal to invest in products that will last long after a trendy season. Unfortunately, I absolutely missed that goal. I bought a trendy colorful rug from Target last summer, only to unroll it this Spring and find myself at Walmart thirty minutes later.

C’est la vie.

This year I made sure to opt for a neutral outdoor rug that will hopefully last beyond longer than one season.

Handpainted Outdoor Planters || Outdoor deck || Outdoors Home Decor
Outdoor deck || Outdoors Home Decor || Big Joe Sectional
Outdoor Deck || Home decor || Outdoor decor || Outdoor furniture

This year I found myself wanting to add a few outdoor planters that helped our weathered deck blend with our green surroundings. But I also wasn’t loving the idea of spending an arm and leg on planters that would only be out for a couple of months. Luckily, I found these plastic self watering planters at Target. I added a bit of paint so they look a little bit less blah and keep them tucked in the shade so they’ll last as long as possible.

Whenever we find ourselves having dinner on the deck we always drag out our coffee table from our living room, but otherwise we keep the space simple.

Our little apartment is full of surprises and luckily big views.

Outdoor Deck Decor || Outdoors Decor || Home decor || Big Joe Sectional



An Updated Tour of Our Outdoor Deck


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