Brand Spotlight: Nectar Skin Studio


May 4, 2020

Nectar Skin Studio Branding Photography Bozeman

Without a doubt my favorite kind of projects are branding photography projects. I love working with different brands and working through the challenge of creating imagery for a brand’s unique perspective and goals. There is something about that challenge of bringing a company to life with a few photos. And I’ve been honored to capture some brand photography in Bozeman.

It only took one visit to see Lily to realize not only my skin would never be the same and that working with her would be an absolute dream.

Nectar Skin Studio Branding Photography Bozeman

When you walk into Nectar Skin Studio you are immediately hit with an overwhelming sense of calm. Lily’s studio can be best described as a dream. It’s the living room you always dreamed of and the spa you didn’t even know could exist. And it’s all thanks to Lily understanding that nourishing her client’s skin goes so much farther than skin deep.

For this shoot, We wanted to move away from our previously romantic-esque shots and focus on minimal shots for her social media and website. Shots that let the products take the center stage and shots that made Lily’s messaging clear.

With a few juicy props and a couple hours in her downtown Bozeman studio we were able to create imagery that made her spa feel anything, but ordinary.

Commercial Photography Bozeman Montana
Nectar Skin Studio Branding Photography Bozeman
Nectar Skin Studio Branding Photography Bozeman

If you are local to Bozeman I couldn’t suggest a Gua Sha Facial enough. Or really a peek inside of her beautiful studio!



Brand Spotlight: Nectar Skin Studio


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