Gifting With Greetabl


Aug 1, 2018

Gifting with Greetabl

One thing that has dramatically changed for me this year – I have clients! So weird. And yet so cool to say. With that change means that I’ve started looking for unique ways to reach out and say, “Thank you.” A lot of my wedding photographer friends send the most beautiful thank you’s to their clients – ornate wooden boxes with prints of their special day – but that just didn’t work for the vast majority of my clients.

I was searching for a thoughtful and meaningful gift, but truthfully gave up.  I couldn’t seem to find that sweet spot of personable and affordable.  So when Greetabl reached out with an affordable way to say, “Thank you so much for choosing me” – I was hooked.

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If there is one thing I’ve learned about business this year – it’s that the little things that matter.  Whether that’s simply improving day to day communication or remembering to thank you – it’s the small, everyday things that can have the biggest and longest effect. Meaning that I was getting a bit desperate to find a way to say thank you that wasn’t killing my budget or completely void of sentiment.

Luckily, Greetabl hit the elusive sweet spot of gifting.  From the get go Greetabl is completely customizable:


Everything is up to you.

I even found it a bit hard to start and narrow down my favorite print! (I ended up going with the ultra cute pink pineapple print for a client/friend’s newest project in town.) . From there I simply dragged and dropped a couple photos of her sweet family.  Picked out a present – they have everything from bath salts to candies to men’s beard tonic- and I had created a beautiful go-to gift.

Gifting With Greetabl

Gifting with Greetabl

Greetabl does allow for a customizable note to be included, though I did wish it was a bit bigger. (You could argue they simply can’t allow for such long run on sentences as they would surely run out paper.)  Either way I’m so excited to hand off this delicious smelling scrub that pairs perfect with a Pinot Grigio!

You can even give it a try for yourself with a coupon code – abalancingpeach – for 15% off.  Whether you find the perfect gift for a friend or simply want the ‘pinot grigio bath soak pairing’ for yourself, Greetabl lets you share memories and small treasures with anyone.


Gifting With Greetabl


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