My Favorite Spot to Spend Summer


Jul 30, 2018

Outdoor Patio

I’ve had this post on the back burner for  s o  l o n g  and I’m happy I’m finally hitting publish.  Last summer when we moved to Bozeman I was so quick to count what we didn’t have in our new apartment, I easily missed the best thing about our home – our views.

We have a cozy lofted apartment just outside of downtown Bozeman, that sits on the second level.  And while that’s not to uncommon in our city, our unobstructed view of the Bridger Mountains is extremely rare. So this year I was determined to create an outdoor living space that was welcoming and relaxed.

Outdoor Patio Dinner

If there is good weather I sit outside.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I’ve been trying to soak up as much time as I can on our deck.  As much as I love having a bit more extravagant girl’s night on the deck, complete with flowers + decadent desserts, I’m also out there with string cheese and an apple.   I’m seriously determined to not let these views go to waste again.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Patio Dinner

An outdoor living space obviously needs good furniture.

I looked at so many furniture options this Spring and was luckily approached by Big Joe furniture.  They might be known most for their comfy bean bags, I know them for having the most functional outdoor sectionals.  So functional that you can actually leave them out in the rain as they have a built in drain. (We can have a downpour in the morning and sit on the cushions by noon with no wet bums in sight.)

Outdoor Living inspiration

Outdoor Patio Dinner

Outdoor Patio Dinner

Big Joe’s 5 piece sectional ended up fitting easily into our deck.  So easily in fact that we actually had a hard time finding the best spot for the pieces! Once we finally settled on a spot (the best view of the mountains won obviously) I started adding some fun additions to simple sofa.

I snagged an outdoor rug from Target and coordinated a few outdoor pillows that would transition perfectly into the house once winter gets here again.

We were hoping to get a live garden wall built on our deck, but my Pinterest-worthy idea was swiftly brought to reality.  Having water routinely dripping on a wooden deck – not the best idea.  So I’m currently in the middle of a DIY faux fauna wall.

Outdoor Living Space

We have unreal views of the Bridger mountains and now have beautiful outdoor furniture to match!  I can’t wait to keep updating you on our outdoor living space because truthfully – I have big plans for this little spot.




My Favorite Spot to Spend Summer


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