Green Velvet Sofas for Small Spaces


Mar 15, 2021

Green Velvet Sectional

It’s been well over a year since our small green velvet sofa found it’s way into our home. And I have to say… I’ve never loved a second-hand item so much. Couch shopping proved especially difficult for our small apartment seeing how we couldn’t really fit a couch much over 80″ wide. But this velvety green sectional proved itself to be that elusive balance of style and function.

I love it so much I tracked down a similar petite sofas that pack a similar punch in style.

one || two (I’m fairly certain this is ours!) || three || four || five

Since we bought our sofa secondhand I can’t be 100% certain that the second green velvet sofa is ours. However, the pin-tucked cushions and easily switched chaise lounge are identical. Because it’s a sectional it was able to double our seating from our previous set-up and made our small apartment seem so much more welcoming.

Wanting to upgrade a budget sofa quickly? Simply switch out the legs! I actually learned this trick from the girl I bought our sofa from. She simply switched out the plastic legs that clashed with the green velvet and added real wooden dowels. So simple. And makes such a big impact on the overall look!


Green Velvet Sofas for Small Spaces


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