Old World Style Lighting for Your Home


Feb 1, 2021

Old World Style Lighting Inspiration

Possibly the best advice I’ve been given during our home building process is plan your lighting early. Which feels odd I have to admit. We don’t have floors and I can see through our backdoor through our living room, but I know our lighting plan! Weird, right? Since we are leaning pretty heavily into the traditional, old world style design I had to track down lighting that was that perfect balance of old and new.

Old World Style Lighting Inspiration
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While I personally love a good chandelier moment, I know they would lose their “je ne sais quoi” if I put them in every room. That being said I tried to mix in simpler shapes along with more ornate styles, like the semi-flush mounts for our bedrooms. And while I have yet to pull the trigger I’ve been eyeing these circular pendants for our kitchen! I love the see through glass on them.

If I’m being completely honest, lighting has always been really hard for me. I pretty much have to see the lighting in the actual space before I feel comfortable pulling the trigger. Luckily, there are so many good designs out there that have helped me figure out my old world style lighting style.

We loved the symmetry in this kitchen and decided to mimic it with these mixed metals sconces in our own kitchen.

Design by Jenny Komenda

We are still chugging along with the build and have insulation coming this week! Needless to say we are a ways off before installing any kind of light fixture. BUT it’s so much more fun to dream of our rooms when they aren’t covered in wood shavings!



Old World Style Lighting for Your Home


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