The Habits That Helped Improve My Sleep


Feb 23, 2018

The Habits That Helped Improve My Sleep

There are lots of thing that were affected with my big move to Montana, but I think it was my sleep habits that took the hardest hit. If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that sleep is non negotiable.  However, it always seems to be the one thing I try to sneak by with less of!  As if anyone is more pleasant on less hours of sleep.

In fact went from someone who almost never complained of sleep to someone who was looking for a caffeine hit almost every hour on the dot. Finally, I sat down and wrote some new sleep habits for me to commit to.  Habits that were effective, but not overcomplicated.  And ones that I could easily align with a hectic schedule.

Use a white noise app.

This might sound weird, but I’m really used to hearing things while I sleep.  Whether that’s our pup Zeus rearranging himself or people on the street, if there is noise I’m used to being partially awake for it.  So the white noise app was a bit unsettling to me at first, I’ve grown to  l o v e it.

With over 30 soothing noises to fall asleep to (ocean waves are my preferred sound) it’s perfect for light sleeper or fussy babies.

Soak in soothing scents.

L may always roll his eyes at my essential oils by the bed, but little does he know that I actually spray our linens with an essential oil spray! This linen spray from one of my favorite brands is mixed with peppermint – my favorite essential oil.

Peppermint, while typically for pepping you up, always soothes me and helps clear up my airways.  However, the company sells the linen spray with three different essential oils:

Peppermint clove

Give myself a routine.

It may sound a bit cliche or blogger-ific (can we make this a word already?) but sometimes settling into a routine can help trick your brain into prepping for sleep.  Especially for those of us who have a hard time nailing down a consistent bed time!

My preferred routine?

Hand cream.
Foot cream.
Lip balm.

Easy to do no matter how exhausted I am and simple enough to provide a brain trick.

The Habits That Helped Improve My Sleep

Finally purchase a happy light.

I’ve finally decided that the biggest thing that has affected me since moving more North is the light.  Before daylight savings in the fall I could barely drag myself out of bed and start the day before 8 am, much less keep up a grateful attitude. (Which says a lot because I’m typically a morning person!)  I fought this purchase for quite a while, but after talking to a friend she pointed out what’s the harm?  As long as it doesn’t make me more sleepy I see this as only helping me.

Scientists have proven over and over how melatonin levels affect much more than our sleep!  Although it’s not suggested to rely on lamps for your daily dose of Vitamin D,  happy lights (or sun lamps) can help mimic natural sunlight and create healthier sleep habits in the winter months.


I’ve tried to keep these new-ish sleep habits to the most simple and effective ones out there.  Though if any of you have a healthy sleep habit you think I missed let me know!



The Habits That Helped Improve My Sleep


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