The Winter Hair Commandments


Feb 16, 2018

Winter Hair Commandments

I really, really wish I could move on to spring based posts.  Unfortunately though I seem to be stuck in a continuous snow globe (aka Montana!)  Weather complaints aside, I’ve always been lucky having healthy + thick hair the majority of my life.  But with my last salon visit my stylist was a bit concerned with just how dry my hair was.  She immediately gave me some suggestions and a few winter hair commandments to live by.

And while a few require the addition of new products, the majority of them were just changing a few beauty habits.

one. Deep condition once a week.

This was also a beauty commitment I had made at the beginning of January and truthfully I’ve failed. Badly. So lately I’ve been settling for a mini-deep condition.

Aka my favorite hair mask on dry hair 5 minutes before I hop in the shower. I do think a full night of deep conditioning is best, but I figure a quick five minute deep conditions is better than none!

two. Spend more than $6 on a conditioner.

I say this as someone who has never really bought high end shampoos and conditioners.  There was a brief time in college I splurged a bit on them, but after finding a drugstore brand that loved my hair I didn’t see the need.

However, winter often makes demands greater than a $6 conditioner can match.

The products that gave me an immediate change in my hair is Davines MINU line.  It’s specifically formulated for color treated hair and gave me back my shiny tresses!

three. Splurge (a bit) on a hair dryer.

Ok so this isn’t really winter relevant… except for the fact that I finally did this and  h o l y  c o w.  The difference! My new hair dryer not only dries my hair quicker, it’s quieter and I swear my tresses are smoother.

Splurging is something I’ve really been trying to cut back, but this was one I haven’t regretted. At all.

Winter Hair Commandments

Winter Hair Commandments

four. Sleep in loose braids or top knot.

Another way to fight broken and split strands? No more tight hair ties!

Most nights I’ll just slip a large bobby pin into my top knot or an Invisibobble that won’t kink my hair.

five.  Use a hair oil.

Especially if you are a dry shampoo user!  I’m pretty devoted to Living Proof’s oil as it nourishes my strands + gives me undeniable shine, but never once makes my hair overly oily.  However, if you are a bit nervous to add oil to your hair check out Bumble and Bumble’s primer.  It’s a beautiful pre-styler that is such a good multi-tasker that and has never weighted down my hair.


Getting my hair back to a healthy and happy condition hasn’t been too hard with these winter hair commandments.  It’s much harder to commit to better beauty habits than it is to treat myself to new a few new products!

How have you been keeping your strands healthy this winter?



The Winter Hair Commandments


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